Courts Rules Out Immigration Sponsor Cost!

The Canadian Supreme Court has finally consented on a case involving eight immigrants on the verge of paying back for all the social assistance and other benefits. They collected these from their relatives who sponsored them to come and live in Canada.

The court has allowed for leave to appeal without stating any reasons to the Government of Ontario. However, the Ontario government argues that debts pertaining to sponsorships should be paid back. For this, there is no allowance that could forgive these immigrants despite the situation or circumstance that they are in.

In such a case, a lot of money is at stake and could impact on the thousands of other immigrants who are dependent on the state immediately post landing. The immigrants are the responsibility of the sponsors who are their relatives. This responsibility is bestowed upon them for the first three years post landing in Canada. Initially, the sponsor had to hold on to the responsibility for ten years which has now been changed to three years after eight years.

The immigrants won the case in the Ontario Court of Appeal on the basis that certain amount of discretion has to be maintained. This should be done especially in cases where a marriage ends and immigrant is not in touch with his/her relatives. Also, if the sponsor falls sick or have lost his job and when they are unable to pay for the immigrant.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the debts could be recovered by the governments be it either federal or state whichever is applicable.

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