Asylum Seeker Boat Stopped by Navy!

Australia: A boat decked with so many asylum seekers have been barred from entering Australia by the Navy officials. The incident happened at Browse Island in waters north-west of Australia.

It has been confirmed by the government that the boat was carrying a group of 23 passengers and 2 crew members and the same has been taken to Christmas Island for immigration checks. It has also been affirmed that these people would succumb to certain health and security checks at the Christmas Island.

Australia has already seen a record in terms of the arrival of boar people from all over the globe. In addition to this, the quantity of asylum seekers is increasing day by day with more number of boats coming in every moment.

The opposition is acting badly on this condition. It is stating that the statistics are not much in the favor of the current government as the same is losing control of the Australian borders.

According to Michael Keenan, who is the opposition border protection spokesman, exceptional quantity of asylum seekers are making their way in Australia. He also affirmed that the Labor government is completely losing all the control on the borders and this situation is just another reminder for the Aussie people.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor is putting the blame on the exceptional number of boat people from different countries.

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