Worldwide Immigration Options for Information Technology Professionals!

Recently, it has been observed that both United States and Canada have closed doors for IT professionals for immigration. At this point of time, when all doors seem closed, there are actually many options still open for such professionals who are seeking better opportunities life. Here are some options that ABHINAV had specially worked out for you!

Option 1Immigrate to Australia as a General Skilled Migrant or under State Nomination
Some among you may have excellent English language skills and others could just be touching IELTS band of 6.0. Those with IELTS of 7.0 under each of the factors could look at the Australian General Skilled Migrant program. Others with lower IELTS bands and otherwise qualified, could file under the Australian state nomination programs. Australia offers excellent employment and settlement opportunities. The country has an excellent policy of assessment and acceptance of international educational and professional credentials. This means faster and more satisfactory post landing settlement. Australia offers permanent resident status which is a major advantage that has immediate to long term benefits for prospective immigrants. Overall processing time frame is around 2-3 years and in case of state nomination, it can be around 12-15 months.

Option 2Immigrate to Canada under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program
Others among you may have average English language skills and are also not qualified under Canada Federal Skilled Worker program since the occupation is not one of the 29 listed occupations. You should seriously consider Immigrating to Canada under the Quebec Skilled Migrant program. This is one of the most established and developed provinces/states of Canada and offers tremendous quality of life as well as employment opportunities. One key requirement for qualifying under the program is that an applicant should be willing to learn French as part of the immigration process. We have often seen IT and engineering professional undertaking high cost short term professional courses to improve their skill sets. Learning French is a skill that will last you a lifetime. Note that you are required to learn basic skills in French and you can do so while waiting for the immigration interview to be scheduled. In addition, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom permits the visa holder to live and work in any of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada. ABHINAV is the only company in India that has been successfully filing skilled migrant applications under the Quebec program since last many years. This is also an excellent immigration option for prospects with limited settlement funds. Applicants with the ability to show funds of around USD 4000 to USD 8000 can make application under the Quebec Skilled Worker program. The overall processing time frame is under 2 years and in most situations, it can be as less as 18 months.

Option 3Immigrate to New Zealand under the General Skilled Migrant program
For young professionals with limited experience, New Zealand General Skilled Migrant program is an excellent choice. For the qualified, New Zealand provides an excellent launch pad for gaining valuable international experience. You can make the country your permanent home or at a later stage and when qualified shift to a bigger and better destination. If lifestyle at affordable cost of living is what attracts you, then Immigrating to New Zealand is a right choice. ABHINAV has been providing consulting services for New Zealand migrants for last 10 years and know how to make your dream come true! Overall processing time frame is around one year. One key requirement for Information Technology professionals is that they must have relevant experience.

Option 4Immigrate to Hong Kong under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
Hong Kong is among the worlds’ most developed cities and advanced infrastructure. The city-state is administered by and gets the benefit of support from China. The city offers excellent employment opportunities to executives and entrepreneurs in finance, marketing, business development, international trading, information technology and logistics. Practically, professionals from majority of key occupations can meet the qualifying selection criteria. If you are waiting for Canada or USA to open up again and are not qualified to make an application for Australia, Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is an excellent option. Also, weather conditions are excellent and you are just 5 hours of flying distance away from major Indian cities. Overall processing time frame is around one year.

Option 5Immigrate to UK under Tier 1 option
With processing time frames of less than one month, this visa program is one of the fastest in the world. But the program has some typical qualifying requirements such as average balance and past earnings. In addition, high cost of living can be deterrent to some. But if you have a job lined up for you and meet the qualifying criteria, then making an application under the UK Tier 1 is an obvious choice. ABHINAV has excellent track record of managing applications to UK – first as HSMP and now in its new form of Tier 1 visa.

Option 6Immigrate under Denmark Green Card
If you are a post graduate and are open to learning Danish language post issuance of visa, Denmark Green card is an ideal visa option for Information Technology professionals.  Applicants with average English language skills can successfully make an application for the Denmark Green Card. The process is simple and straightforward. It is ideal for applicants with aptitude for learning a foreign language.

Option 7Make an Application for Singapore Landed Permanent Resident visa
Ideally only applicants holding superior designations or having niche exclusive experience and skills sets should make an application under Singapore Landed Permanent Resident visa.  No reasons are given for refusal and this is an expensive program on account of high non-refundable application fee. So take all care before deciding to make an application for this category of visa.


Times are changing and immigration policies are part of this change. Almost all countries have fixed yearly quota. Make an immediate application when you are qualified for a particular destination.

In consulting business since 1994, ABHINAV is among World’s most respected and trusted immigration brands. Entrust your career and life to a company that has proven itself time and again.

Let us help you in choosing a proper destination. Kindly send the following information to [email protected] for free of charge assessment by none other than Ajay Sharma, our principal consultant.

  • Your updated resume
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries. If yes, please also advise on the state/city of their stay. For example, Toronto (Canada); Sydney (Australia), Auckland (Sydney) and so on.
  • Annual gross income for the last 12 months. This is required only if you wish to make an application under the UK Tier 1 program.
  • Have you or your spouse, at any time during qualification or work, learned French or any other foreign language? This is not a compulsory requirement but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries.

Best of Luck!

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