Australian Immigration Officials Criticized by Judge!

The immigration officials in Australia have been criticized by a Magistrate. This criticism came about after the immigration authorities had let go of detainees who were seeking asylum. These asylum seekers were suspected of having being involved in violent crimes in the community.

According to Stephen Malley, the Perth Magistrate, the Australian immigration has effectively undermined the police investigations. This was related to a riot which occurred at the detention centre situated at the Christmas Island. Many suspects were released from the detention centre.

Forty detainees were shipped off by the immigration officials in Australia. They were sent to the mainland within 48 hours after the riots took place. Most of these detainees were involved in those riots.

As per Magistrate Malley, the officials have projected little or no regard at all towards the crimes being committed by these detainees. More so, the nature of these crimes which were serious enough for them to be released was not even considered.

The Australian government has been under pressure for the last one year regarding the immigration policies and its reform. The government has been constantly coping with the regular inflow of illegal migrants who are landing into the nation by boats.

At the same time, when it comes to detention centers, the resources in these areas have also been stretched beyond the point. This has gone to such an extent that the government had to open new detention centers on the mainland. This has come about despite protests from the local residents.

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