Asylum Seekers moved to Queensland!

Weipa: Hundreds of asylum seekers are being moved to Weipa in Queensland as the immigration detention in the nation is going through strains.

If reports are to believed, these asylum seekers in this immigration centre would be provided with various facets like day trips, sewing classes and cooking classes, to name a few. They would also be given language classes in the English language.

A few days back, some Afghan men were transferred from the Christmas Island, detention centre which is facing occupancy problems off late, as it’s been flooded with more and more boat people with the passage of time.

Immigration Minister Craig Bowen has confirmed that more asylum seekers are to be followed and the coming days would witness more and more flights coming in with the passage of time.

The RAAF air base Scherger is the current stop-gap for the asylum seekers as the country is struggling to accommodate hundreds and hundreds of boat people who come here every year.

It has been confirmed by the Immigration officers that the temporary accommodation would be decked with a mess hall and a swimming pool too. But it would not be a permanent solution. A spokes woman confirmed that it has not yet been decided as to for how long the centre would be in operations as there is no targeted processing time for these detainees.

In addition, an announcement was made to accommodate 600 beds in an attempt to enhance its capacity and bring in more and more asylum seekers.

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