A Fee for UK Immigration Appeal!

The UK government has brought a new rule as per which all the applicants who are appealing for a visa application that has been rejected would now have to pay a fee. This fee would range from £60 to £250.

Those applicants who are eligible for legal aid, asylum seekers and those who are in the process of detained fast track for asylum are exempt from this fee. With this, no charges would be levied on those being deported, annulment of leave or deprived of citizenship or from the right of abode appeals. Apart from these, if there are any other situations where in the applicant could be given a fee waiver; he would be permitted for the same.

These charges have to be paid irrespective of the decision brought out by the UK Immigration Appeal. This amendment has been brought about in order to cut down on the current costs pertaining to the UK Immigration Appeals system by about 25 percent. This system had incurred an expense of about £115 million in the previous year. This money had to be paid by the taxpayers.

According to Jonathan Djanogly, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Justice, it is sensible to ask those who are not the citizens of the UK to pay for appealing against specific immigration categories and for decisions pertaining to asylum. These people can very well add to the administrative expenses for their particular appeal where they can add on.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has opposed to this decision. They mentioned that the costs involved are not a small part of a product which is not of great quality, especially when it comes to decisions being taken by the UK Border Agency. The applicants involved should not be charged considering that their appeals would cater to instances of fundamentals rights and life and death in certain cases.

As of now, there is no specific fee involved for those filing a UK immigration appeal. With already stringent rules in place, it is yet to be seen the kind of impact this would have on the economy of the nation.

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