When You Carry Large Amount of Money to Denmark!

There are a lot more things to learn when it comes to arriving an all-new country. Thus, the help of a professional immigration expert makes in handy in this regard. Likewise, a trip or temporarily immigrating to Denmark requires you to learn certain things beforehand. One of them is the amount of money you are taking along when entering the country.

Well, when entering or leaving Denmark, it is a must for every individual that he/she informs the tax regulating authority of the country, SKAT, in case he/she is carrying a total amount more than 10,000 Euro. And this rule applies to any currency, and irrespective of money form, be it coin; cash or cheque.

If a person is required or willing to carry that much of money can inform SKAT by completing a form and submitting the form to the authority where the person crosses the Danish border. However, it is recommended that anyone carry the amount must complete the form and have it approved by SKAT in advance of their trip. For this, he/she can contact SKAT a few days earlier his/her trip where he/she crosses the Danish border, for example, at the airport. Once the person gets the form approved by SKAT, he/she need not contact SKAT on the day of the trip. However, it should be kept in mind the approved form must be carried along with the money on the day of journey.

The form which we have been talking about can be collected from the tax centers around Denmark. For more information on tax related subjects of Denmark, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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