Attention Construction Estimators- Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Plan Ready

A handsome pay package, high standard of living, well maintained infrastructure, peaceful and mesmerizing beauty attract a large number of people to the Maple Leaf Country. If you are one of them, no need to worry, as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced a list of 50 in-demand occupations, even while just by chance you are one of the skilled Construction Estimators, and motivated with Canada immigration, then you have already crossed half way. As the occupation is mentioned on the list, you may shift to Canada via the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 scheme.

These professionals analyze costs and prepare estimates on civil engineering, architectural, electrical, structural, and mechanical construction projects. The number of Construction Estimators has increased appreciably. This increase has been motivated by the changes in the level of improved activity in construction and the growing emphasis on planning, monitoring in construction operations. Since this trend is expected to continue, it is anticipated that the industry will grow simultaneously.

To be successful in this profession, it is necessary to complete a college diploma (DEC) in construction estimation and building evaluation technology, civil engineering technology, architectural technology etc. Civil Engineers and architectural technology graduates can easily fast track through the estimation and building evaluation technology program in less than one year.

Occupational Titles

  1. construction estimator
  2. principal estimator – construction
  3. professional quantity surveyor
  4. cost estimator – construction
  5. quantity surveyor – construction
  6. chief estimator – construction

Key Duties

  1. Prepare estimates of the probable cost of material, labor and different equipment’s of construction projects, based on contract quotation, systematic specification drawings and bids.
  2. Provide advice on tender examination, procedures and analyze various tenders before biding, recommend tenders awards, and negotiate accordingly.
  3. Maintain expenditure and cost statement, and also forecast on regular interval for the duration of projects, prepare a directory of contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors.
  4. Consult, liaise and communicate with owners, engineers, architectures, subcontractors and contractors and also prepares economic feasibility studies on adjustment and changes to cost estimates.
  5. Successfully establish tendering process, and setup cost monitoring and reporting procedures and system. And, coordinate, manage construction project and prepare construction progress schedules.

Required Education Qualification

I.       Senior secondary school certificate
II.     Graduation degree in construction or civil engineering technology or several years of experience as a qualified trade person in construction trade such as carpentry, electrical or plumbing.
III.   Certification of Canadian institute is an added advantage

The aspirants will be duly assessed through a skill based system emphasizing on six main factors, i.e. age, education qualification, adaptability, work experience, language proficiency, and arranged job in Canada. They will also have to prove their financial capability to support themselves and their family members in the country.

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