Attention Health and Welfare Support Workers! Australia Immigration Awaits You!

‘The Land of Kangaroos’, Australia has many interesting tourist places to visit. This beautiful country is famous for its lively lifestyle and beautiful, crystal-clear beaches. Down under is arguably the Number 1 choice for immigrants worldwide. Its unique beauty, high standard of living, and employment opportunities for almost every one continue to attract immigrants from almost every corner of the world.

Obtaining an Australian Visa is the dream of many individuals. Oz has always welcomed talented immigrants and skilled workers to make the nation their second home. It is one of the best developed countries in world. To keep its economy blooming, its citizens work laboriously in almost every sector making the lifestyle hectic and physically demanding. As a result, the demand for Health and Welfare Support Workers across the country has increased extensively.

Analyzing the demand of Health and Welfare Support Workers, the future prospects of these professionals are high and Australia Immigration opportunities are immense. Lately, the healthcare sector has grown in importance and has begun to employ qualified support workers extensively.

Work Profile

Health support workers assist medical practitioners in various hospitals, clinics, community settings. They also have an option of being self-employed. Their responsibilities include bed making, washing, dressing, and help people to mobilize and monitor patient’s conditions. Welfare support workers provide emotional and social support to individuals and families, relevant information and accurate advice to clients on emotional, financial, recreational, health, housing and other social welfare matters, and weigh-up and coordinate the services of welfare and community service agencies.

Major Responsibilities

  • Give professional counseling to the victims of mistreatment.
  • Appraise community groups and social agencies for efficiency.
  • Interview patients to and give specific assistance.
  • Give emotional support to patients going through emotional breakdown.
  • Assist patients over all condition.

Australia Immigration opportunities for Health and Welfare Support Workers are many. You may consider the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. However under the program, you will have to meet the basic requirements, clear the Australian immigration Points Test, and also pass an occupation skill assessment. Only then you can become eligible for an Australian Visa.

General Skilled Migration Program is especially for qualified professionals and skilled migrants who are not sponsored by Australian employee and have fluent skills in particular occupations demanded in the country. The welfare support workers have more opportunities. You may also like to consider either Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List or RSMS Occupations List.

Though ‘the land of kangaroos’, is facing serious shortage of the above stated professionals, it is not an easy task to obtain a visa to your dream country. It is always beneficial to acquire professional help. The assistance provided by these professionals help you on every stage—right from selecting the appropriate visa category to post immigration requirements.

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