Attention Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers! Australia Immigration Awaits You!

If you are one of those skilled Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers who is inspired with Australia immigration and are looking for better job opportunities, then you need to know that presently the time is just right for the purpose.

Available reports suggest that currently professionals like you are ‘officially’ wanted in the country. Oz is keen to offer ample opportunities to the deserving immigrants–both professionally and personally. The country is rich in arts, culture, and heritage even as it is a top tourist destination dotted with many tourist hotspots.

Job Profile – Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers

In ‘the Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, or for that matter anywhere across the globe, the Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers are responsible to design, develop, repair, construct, and maintain motor vehicles and aircraft structures and systems, and cut, shape, cast, join and finish metal, metal parts, subassemblies and precision instruments.

For qualified aspirants, there are many ways to acquire an Australian immigration permit. Those who are willing to exploit their professional expertise in the foreign country, Oz are just perfect. Before your immigration permit is approved and you are examined on various factors; for example, prior work experience, education qualification in the relevant field, language proficiency, financial support, ability to adapt foreign culture, etc.

Every applicant needs to clear skills assessment. The interested migrants must get their skills assessed from a relevant and authorized Australian national assessment authority. It is all the more easily to earn extra points for you educational qualifications and prior work experience. All you have to do is to forward all the relevant documents to the assessment authority.

Post assessment, the authority will recommend your application to the Australia immigration organization, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Your immigration dream depends on the final decision delivered by the above stated authority. You may also be required to register yourself, or obtain license from an authorized government authority or agency in state or territory you wish to work in.

Key responsibilities – Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers

  • Diagnose electrical and mechanical faults in motor vehicles and aircraft.
  • Dismantle engines and electrical systems and remove damage panels and interior trim.
  • Repair and replace defective parts, and paint repaired vehicle surfaces.
  • Construct, modify, paint specialized vehicle bodies.
  • Mark and cut metal stock.
  • Shape stock using hand and machine tools.
  • Shape metal in moulds.
  • Join stock and components by welding, soldering, brazing, riveting, bolting, screwing and gluing.
  • Test components, and apply protective and decorative finishes to metal products.

Pay Package for Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers in Australia is quite handsome. A qualified professional in the industry can earn anywhere around AU$50,600 annually depending on individual professional capability.

Needless to say, the future of these specialists is rather bright with high economic growth. The country is immigrant-friendly and people are helpful and peace loving by nature. Every immigrant is authorized to access several benefits on the basis of the kind of permit issued to him.

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