Attention Information Systems Analysts and Consultants! Canada FSW Program 2014 Beckons You!

It is official: Canada wants skilled Information Systems Analysts and Consultants. Trained Canada immigration-motivated aspirants can move to the country, via the FSW Program 2014, and under the NOC 2171, for job and residence purposes. They can rest assured that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will fast-track their submissions, and offer them superior treatment. While such candidates can hope to earn handsome pay-packages and live in one of the most developed nations of the world, Ottawa can look forward to gain from their expertise and knowledge and fruitfully fill its many job openings.

At present, the job prospects for these specialists are considered to be rather excellent in the ‘Maple Leaf Country’. Further, as mentioned before, the good news is that the occupation has been mentioned under the Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014. The CIC has included the occupation in the in-demand list with the aim of recruiting highly skilled professionals to cater to the increasing demands of its rapidly growing economy.

Under the FSW Program 2014, these experts can bring along their immediate family members to the famous immigration hotspot provided they have the financial capability. According to the new selection criteria of the FSW Program, the applicants will have to meet the minimum language threshold, i.e., Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 or Niveaux de compétence linguistic Canadiens (NCLC) 7 in all four skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing.

A cap of 1000 submissions is applicable for the profession for Information Systems Analysts and Consultants. Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of point based system. To make the grade and be accepted a minimum score of 67 is required. The applicant should be financial strong to support himself and his family in the country. The aspirant will be duly assessed on the basis of five main factors:

  1. Education
  2. Age
  3. Work experience
  4. Language efficiency
  5. Arranged job

Work Profile

These professionals analyze systems requirements, develop and implement information systems development plans, policies and procedures, and provide advice on a wide range of information systems issues. They are enrolled in the Information Technology (IT) consulting firms and in the IT units–both in private and public sectors. They may also be self-employed.

Key Duties

  1. Interact with clients to identify and document requirements, conduct business and technical studies, design, develop, integrate and implement information systems business solutions, and provide advice on information systems strategy, policy, and management, security and service delivery.
  2. Work together with clients to identify and document requirements, review physical and technical security risks to data, software and hardware, and develop policies, procedures and contingency plans to reduce the effects of security breaches.
  3. Develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle to make the most of the efficiency, effectiveness and overall quality of software products and information systems.
  4. Carry-out independent third-party reviews to assess quality assurance practices, software products and information systems.

Occupational Titles

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Informatics consultant
  • Informatics security analyst
  • Information systems business analyst
  • Information systems quality assurance analyst
  • IT (information technology) consultant
  • Management information systems (MIS) analyst
  • Systems auditor
  • Systems consultant
  • Systems security analyst

Essential Requirements

I.    A three years Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Business Administration, or a related discipline is required
II.    Completion of a college program in Computer Science
III.    Experience as a computer programmer is an added advantage
IV.    Some employees may ask for certification or training provided by software vendors

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