British Yearly Net Immigration Continues To Linger Around 212,000

As per a report, the latest UK immigration numbers reveal that there has been no amendment whatsoever in the net immigration number which continues to be 212,000 for the year to December 2013. The same is more than 200% the target level of the administration.

The net migration number is duly calculated by discovering the figure of individuals landing on the British soils as visitors over any given time-frame only to deduct the number of persons arriving in the nation over the parallel duration as migrants. The United Nations describe migrants as individuals who shift to a new nation hoping to reside for a year.

Net Immigration

Reportedly, in the year to December 2013, 526,000 persons landed in the country as migrants & 314,000 persons left the nation to reside somewhere else. The numbers reveal a significant swell in the figure of persons arriving in the country from the European Union (EU) even as 201, 000 persons arrived from the EU, showing an increase of 43,000 on the number for the year to September 2013. Further, a reduction of 11,000 persons in the figure of the non-EU migrants landing in the nation, and a decrease of 7,000 in the figure of the UK residents moving out was seen.

10s of 1000s

The numbers depict that it will be tremendously difficult for the current British Premier to honor his promise to reduce immigration to 10s of 1000s. It is because the nation cannot, as a key EU member, stop the citizens of the union from arriving to do a job in Britain. The numbers tell that there were noteworthy augmentations in the figures of persons arriving in the UK, for work purposes, from several EU nations.

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