Attention Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists Medical Laboratory Technicians! Migrate to Canada!

The ‘Land of Opportunity’, Canada offers a variety of wonderful opportunities to migrate to the skilled professionals, like for instance, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Medical Laboratory Technicians under the 3142, 3143 and 3211 codes respectively.

At the present, these experts are wanted across the country. The above stated professionals are highly in demand within the Canadian territories as a considerable large percentage of these specialists has been either promoted to higher positions or has retired or are on the edge of retirement.

Given this, trained experts can migrate to Canada as either physiotherapists, or occupational therapists, or medical laboratory Technicians. Time is perfect for this. Growing shortage of these experts has increased their importance. And the good news is that to meet the growing demand, the visa petitions of such professionals are being fast-tracked.

Physiotherapists Work Profile

Professional Physiotherapists under the code 3142 assist patients, develop a plan, and give prescribed treatment to maintain or improve physical health and ease pain in patients. More often than not, the services of these experts are on the pay-roll of private and government hospitals, clinics, sports groups, rehabilitation centres, and extended care facilities. Many of them may also be self-employed.

Occupational Therapists Work Profile

Occupational Therapists under the code 3143 develop schemes for both individuals and groups for those people who are affected by developmental disorders, injuries, illness, psychological problems, and ageing, to maintain, restore or develop their aptitude to care for themselves, and to engage in work, school or spare time. They also develop and execute health plans with people & community groups. Typically the services of these experts are used by a variety of healthcare facilities, in schools by both private and government social services bureaus. Some of them could be self-employed as well.

Medical Laboratory Technicians Work Profile

Medical Laboratory Technicians under the code 3211 perform medical laboratory test, experiment and evaluate to assist while diagnosing and deterrence of disease. Frequently, the services of these experts are required by private and government medical laboratories in different hospitals, community, blood banks, and post-secondary educational foundations.

Once physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical laboratory technicians has migrate to Canada illustrative titles are given to them are:

•    physical therapist
•    physiotherapist
•    registered physiotherapist
•    research physiotherapist
•    clinical immunology technologist
•    cytogenetics technologist – medical laboratory
•    histology technologist
•    immunohematology technologist
•    medical laboratory supervisor
•    medical laboratory technologist
•    medical technologist – medical laboratory
•    clinical occupational therapist
•    community occupational therapist
•    occupational therapist (OT)
•    occupational therapist, case manager
•    occupational therapist, research and development
•    occupational therapy rehabilitation consultant

Physiotherapists Key Responsibilities

•    Develop treatment targets with patients on the basis of their physical diagnoses.
•    Build up plan and execute various programs of physiotherapy
•    Examine and analyze effectiveness of treatment plans and change the treatment plans in view of that.
•    Communicate with general practitioner and healthcare professionals regarding the patients’ difficulties and progress.
•    Prepare a inventory of clinical and statistical records.
•    Develop and execute health promotion schemes for patients and the society.

Occupational Therapists Key Responsibilities

•    Analyse clients’ expectations and ability related to life activities, through interview and prescribed evaluation.
•    Plan intervention schemes to address clients requirements develop a inventory of clients records.
•    Develop personalized care plans working as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
•    Give advice on health promotion plans to prevent disabilities and administer support personnel.

Medical Laboratory Key Responsibilities

•    Get ready, maintain laboratory equipment’s and carry-out chemical analyses of body fluids.
•    Perform study of blood cells and tissues to decide their relation to physiological and pathological situations.
•    Get ready tissue sections for microscopic examinations, using methods to show special cellular tissue elements or other features.
•    Execute blood group, type and compatibility tests for transfusion objects.
•    Set up procedures for the analysis of samples and for medical laboratory experiments and conduct quality control evaluation of testing systems.
•    Administer and train medical laboratory technical workers, helpers, and students.

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