Key New UK Immigration Amendments at a Glance

These are the comprehensive improvements made to the UK immigration laws that come into force before long.

  1. The licenses of the colleges with over 10% fake students will be taken away. The same will ensure that the British colleges and/or educational establishments stop registering false or bogus global students, lest they lose their permit for the UK Tier 4 Student Permit sponsorship.
  2. Illegal immigrants will be denied the authority to open bank accounts in the country. The latest regulation will come into force from the month of December, 2014. It will be compulsory for the British banks to guarantee that every migrant–who wish to open bank accounts–are officially permitted aliens.
  3. It will be essential for the British property-owners to make sure that the tenants are lawfully in the country since the latest ruling will come into force from November, 2014.
  4. Exile of criminals will be permitted to the courts since they will not have to cool their heels for the immigration appeals to be duly heard. The new law will lead to the exile of the overseas criminals to their native countries even prior to the hearing of the appeals for immigration. The latest ruling will be basically meant for the aliens from the countries regarded safe.
  5. The latest law will place the rights of the law-abiding British citizens above the rights of the wrong-doers.
  6. Unemployment benefit claims for the migrants from the European Union (EU) has been cut down to just three months. Previously six months were earmarked for the object.

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