Attention Software Engineers and Designers! Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Ready to Welcome You!

Of late, there has been an impressive increase in the demand of trained Software Engineers and Designers in the ‘Maple Leaf County’. Recently, the occupation has also been announced as one of the 50 professions mentioned on the in-demand list under the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Program announced by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The scheme has been made public with the aim of selecting the professionals who are capable enough to settle permanently in any territory or province of Canada, except Quebec. There are many benefits of immigrating through the FSW program 2014. If you are a qualified Software Engineer and Designer and aim to migrate to Canada, then the FSW Immigration 2014 Scheme has been announced specially for you.

Against the backdrop of continuous demand, an impressive figure of such professionals has been promoted, and a significant number has retired from the profession, leaving no options but to recruit foreign professionals who have the relevant and required experience and qualifications.

Job Profile

These experts undertake research, evaluate, design, integrate and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, and information warehouses and telecommunications software. They are mainly on the pay-rolls of the IT consulting groups, IT organizations, development firms, besides information technology units throughout the private and public sectors. They may also be self-employed.


  • A graduation of post-graduation degree in Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering or Mathematics.
  • Licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is required to approve engineering drawings and reports, and to practice as a Professional Engineer.
  • Experience as a skilled Computer Programmer is more often than not necessary.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collect and document the users’ requirements, and build-up logical and physical specifications.
  • Carry-out research, appraise and synthesize technical information to design, develop, and test computer-based systems.
  • Collect data, process and network models to optimize architecture, and assess the performance and reliability of designs.
  • Plan, design and organize the development, installation, integration and operation of the computer-based systems.
  • Evaluate, test, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and build up maintenance processes for operating systems, communications environments and applications software.
  • Also lead and co-ordinate teams of information systems professionals in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems.

Occupational Titles

  • Application architect
  • Computer software engineer
  • Embedded software engineer
  • Software architect
  • Software design engineer
  • Software design verification engineer
  • Software designer
  • Software testing engineer
  • Systems integration engineer – software
  • Technical architect – software
  • Telecommunications software engineer

The 2014 FSW Skilled Worker Program is valid in every Canadian province, except Quebec. In total, 25,000 submissions will be duly assessed limiting the number to 1000 per profession. So, apply as soon as possible. As soon as the fixed number of petitions is received, no more submissions will be accepted until the next year.

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