PR Visa for Australia: A Cursory Look

Australia arguably occupies the first place as far as immigration is concerned. Many career-oriented and ambitious people do not wish to leave a chance of being a part of this highly developed country. One good way to gain entry into the nation and stay there permanently is the PR Visa route. Here, PR stands for Permanent Residence. PR Permit is a prized and much sought after facility, justifiably so.

Out of all the options available, a very good path (read visa option) of gaining admission into the nation is the Skilled Regional Visa (Sub class 887). The foremost requirement of this permit is that the candidate should have resided in place for two years. To have worked for 12 months in the Kangaroo Land is another ground which will help the aspirants attain the PR Visa for Australia.

There are plenty of alternatives available covered under the Subclass 489, 495, 486 and 487 which help in converting TR into PR. Here, TR means for Temporary Residence.

PR Visa holders gain the freedom of availing benefits plan related to health and care, and at the same time, they get the right to apply for the prized Australian citizenship. A PR Permit holder can also sponsor his relatives to gain this high-priced and hard earned benefit.

This visa also gives the chances of gaining admission into the nation and leaving its shores as per one’s convenience. The migrant who has lived for two years and have worked under some employer, or have worked independently, can apply for the Australian PR Permit.

The holder of this visa can remain in Australia for an indefinite period. An initial visa for 5 years is issued along with the permanent residency visa, and the aspiring migrant may leave and enter the country until this initial visa expires. The noteworthy feature is that the migrant is entitled to stay in the Kangaroo Land even after the expiry of the initial permit, without violating the rules and regulations of immigration laws.

Another trail to attain PR is through the Humanitarian program which is mainly for refugees who could be looking forward to obtain Permanent Residency status. Attaining this visa helps in getting free health and legal services. Sometimes, PR comes additional with some specific employment or business, which tends to take a longer duration. So PR is issued along with the visa with such types of employment.

Another available option is the Parent Visa category which gives the benefit to the parents who wish to live with their children in Oz. The Sponsor Visa from the child helps them in getting PR. Aged Parent Visa is meant for old parents who are more than 65 years of age.

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