Attention US Dreamers! Apply for Canada Permanent Residence!

Good news for the large number of Dreamers, the so-called unauthorized migrants living in the US since long and worrying about their uncertain future in the country in the Trump era!

Even as the US Supreme Court’s decision has, reportedly, given them a lease of life, via provisionally setting aside the US President’s March 5 deadline for the US Congress to frame a way out for them, the restlessness continues as no one really knows what the future has in its womb for them.

Having landed in the US as kids, these alleged unauthorized immigrants may carry on renewing their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), thanks to the amnesty given by the top court. However, majority of them are hunting for alternatives, rightfully so.

Canada May Be Your Permanent Residence

These dreamers, if they are interested, may make the most of the Federal Skilled Worker Programme run under the Canadian Express Entry that allows the aspirants in their 20s with the aptitude to read, write, speak outstanding English with 1 year of post-graduate work experience, together with a Master’s Degree, to obtain Invitation to Apply (ITA) and settle in the Maple Leaf Country, on a permanent basis.

Canada Permanent Residence

In case one is wedded, he will get a total on a shared spousal basis. The Canadian Federal Administration sends invites to those who succeed in getting 446 or more. Hence, if you have in you to obtain sufficient points required to have the qualifications to be mulled for Canada Permanent Residence (PR), your petition will be processed inside just six months. But for this you need to have the right credentials.

Things You Would Require Prior to Applying for Canada Visa

The selection procedure involves an English Language Test and assessment of the credentials by a standard evaluation service. Prior to you start with the Express Entry, it is required that you have got these two things done. The reason: it is required to post your profile on the website. The English Test is obligatory even in case you have been to an American educational establishment where English was the medium of education. You can appear for your English test at a center situated in the US.

Lawful Difficulties that Dreamers Are Subjected To

There is one problem that Dreamers can be subjected to and that is embedded in Section 11 of the regulations under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada. Under it, the candidate should have entered their present nation of residence lawfully.

The Dreamers who gained entry into the US legally, but kept on residing there in beyond the date given in their visa, will have no issues whatsoever in applying for Canada PR. However, a sizeable chunk of the Dreamers will be barred from submitting a petition with the reason being they are illegal immigrants, as per the law.

As per some immigration specialists, the Dreamers will have to return back to their home nation, to receive Canada Immigration Visa in case they want to enter Canada.

No Requirement to Exit US under New Programme Canada May be New Abode for Dreamers

Still, there is not much of chance that the Dreamers, submitting an application under Express Entry, will be asked to face an interview. Earlier, in some specific situations, interviews were conducted under the Federal Skilled Worker Programme. However, under Express Entry, the Canada immigration authorities would typically circumvent interviewing candidates. Besides, applicants have to send their passport, via mail to get their Canada PR Visa. It denotes they can continue to stay in the US and there is no need at all for them to leave the nation.

What Occurs Where Dreamers Are To Be Exiled?

In some very rare situations, in case the need of an interview arises, a Dreamer may get in touch with the Canadian Consulate and inform the officials that they are taking BIG risk, via leaving the US, to receive the Canada PR Visa. Ensuring that the concerned Canadian authorities in the Canadian Consulate treat them justly and inform them about any possible issues that can crop-up prior to they leave the US is crucial.

Summing-up in case you are certain that you can receive the required points to make it to Canada, Express Entry Programme could be the right tool for you; it will end your fears, and guide you to a better future in the Maple Leaf Country.

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