Overseas Movement behind Australia’s Population Bang, Sydney Maintains Its Top Position

As per a new report based on a study by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) the population of Australia is on course to blast, thanks to the overseas migration with Victoria registering the strongest increase in the year gone by.

These top cities along the nation’s east coast, namely, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, reportedly accounted for over 70% of the country’s population growth during 2017.

The most recent ABS numbers reportedly show that the nation’s biggest city, Sydney, continues to be the nation’s largest city with a historic 5.1 million residents in 2017 – up by 2% or over 101,000 additional residents.

However, more than 18,000 people left Sydney during the year gone by to make way for close-to 85,000 overseas migrants, with the total population increase in Sydney topping 100,000 for the first time ever. Still, Melbourne is increasing the quickest at 4.9 million, a jump of 2.7%, while Brisbane increased by 2%.

Canberra was up 1.7% and Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth headed north by nearly 1%.

Allegedly, it’s the first time the ABS has incorporated statistics on the factors propelling increase in the capital cities & regions.

As per some migration specialists, they are not astonished that more individuals are deciding to make Australia their home even as climate & standard of living are frequently the deciding factors when individuals decide where to reside.

Allegedly, though migrants are eager to explore the different Australian cities, beyond Melbourne and Sydney, they go where the opportunities are.

Allegedly, since recruiters/firms are finding it tough to find the talent pool locally in Down Under, many of the skilled workers from abroad are being drawn via employment.

Melbourne on Course to be Nation’s Biggest City

In case Melbourne continues to increase at its present rate, it will reportedly go beyond the population of Sydney in nearly eight years.

As per the acting Melbourne Lord Mayor he is happy that Melbourne enjoys high popularity and is the preferred home of several people. Heaping praise on Melbourne, he reportedly stated that the place has a massive number of global students, who experience the true university town, they love the way of life, and they love the culture and then they decide to stay on.

However, a bigger population is not at all times better. As per a researcher, though historic figures of new houses are being developed construction is not keeping up with the population blast in Melbourne & Sydney.

Reportedly, close-to 80% of the total net overseas migration went to Sydney and Melbourne. Taken together, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were behind over 70% of the nation’s population growth in 2016-17 even as Darwin, Adelaide and Perth witnessed comparatively low rates of population increase, each at 1% or less.

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