Auckland School Bans Jobs for Overseas Students!

A boys school in Auckland has banned the overseas from working as the officials at the institution feel that students who opt for the option of working outside fall asleep in their classes.

Hence, in an attempt to keep them awake, their working out has been totally banned. Sandra Heslin, who is the international student manager at the educational institution, is also asking the immigration Minister to bar the overseas students’ work entitlements with a particular age limit. She went on to say that the whole theory of working after the classes is not liked them. Just because these overseas students get involved in various employments after schools hours, it makes them sleepy in the classes. Most of them work in Korean or Thai restaurants in the night hours.

She, in a restrictive manner said that their educational institution has its own set of rules. Students are not allowed to have a 20-hour job or any other timing for job as they are here in the school for the purpose of studies only.

Felix Ye who is the director of the Auckland Grammar’s international student director stated that a lot of overseas students come exhausted; drained out and sleepy in the classes. These aspects affect their academic life in a major way.

Critics are of the view that the chance to work on a part time basis gives students the chance meet people outside their educational institution and enhance their relationships.

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