NZ to Make Announcements in policy governing export industry!

According to Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman, few amendments are likely to be there on the cards concerning the export industry in New Zealand. These changes are likely to affect other major areas including students coming from overseas, and industries related to trade and tourism aspects.

The minister confirmed that the changes are likely to be inculcated in various facets like short-term study entitlements, enhancing the condition of work rights for overseas students, a relaxation of pastoral care and guardianship requirements and other aspects.

The announcement happened in Auckland at an even organized by Tourism Auckland. Almost 100 export providers gathered at the event, in order to discuss the future of export industry in New Zealand.

The Immigration minister further confirmed that the policy would see some major changes to ensure that overseas students who come here to study don’t make use of their education to gain permanent residency in the nation. It has been found in various cases that people make wrong use of Student Visa as a means to gain permanent residency in a country. As far as the statistics are concerned, 93,500 fee-paying students were enrolled in the education institutions in New Zealand as compared to with 88,570 in the year 2008.

Critics believe that amendments in the export policy would enhance the aspect of immigration in the upcoming future.

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