Aussie College Sues Government for Visa Changes!

The Australian Federal Government is being sued by the Kelly College based in Brisbane regarding the visa changes made by the government. These amends have made it more tedious for foreign students to come and study in Australia. As per this college, these changes in the immigration law have made it literally impossible for the business to function.

According to Natasha Mayrseidl, the Managing Director of the college, there has been a constant fall in business in the last one year. She said that she has traveled overseas and has spoken to many parents of children from Japan, Europe, China and Korea. Australia is not their preferred destination as the visa is something that is very difficult to obtain.

The recent changes in the eligibility criteria for the Australian visas has made it very difficult as well as expensive for the foreign students to live and study in the country. This is because there is a minimum amount of funds that has to be shown in the bank account as evidence to support themselves while residing in Australia.

Problems have come about after the above amount has been increased making it difficult for many students to opting Australia as their study destination. So, Kelly College has sued the federal government for a set of changes which are related to the classification of the courses. These changes have made it more difficult for the international students to attend small colleges in the nation.

All the international students are evaluated on various levels based on where they belong to. At the same time, they are also judged by the courses they have enrolled for. So, the changes brought about are more of a discrimination against the small educational institutions giving the larger institutions an additional benefit.

Kelley College is one of the many educational institutions which are not happy with the recent changes brought about in the laws pertaining to immigration. Many such universities have opposed to this as this has led to a major decline in the number of foreign students coming to the nation. This clearly threatens the international student industry worth AU$18 billion.

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