Visit Visas Misused by Indians!

Misuse of visit visas for illegal purposes has of late caught the eyes of India. Vayalar Ravi, the Indian Overseas Indian Affairs Minister recently announced for a inspection on the issue, as it was discovered that people have been using visit visas for wrong purposes like illegal immigration to many Arab countries.

Some unscrupulous agents cheat on people who intend to go to Arab countries and issue them visit visas and then the consequences are miserable. When the validity of the visit visas expires, the visa holders end up becoming force laborers. They are often being taken to remote areas of Arab countries where they are forced to work under miserable conditions. In order to tackle this issue, India is taking a step forward to clampdown on the issue of visit visa misuse in order to prevent Indians from ending up doing the undesirable work or facing the unexpected situations.

This step taken by the Overseas Indian affairs Ministry has been appreciated by Preneet Kaur, India’s Minister of State for External Affairs. He said that it is an important and commendable measure considered by the ministry and people should be made aware of the reality how visitors end up working in miserable conditions in Arab countries through various media. Because, along with the role of immoral agents, lack of education and information are to some extent accountable for the consequences people face after visiting the countries.

The Indian Overseas Affairs Minister also said that India should have lawyers for Indians who are jailed overseas, such as in Arab countries for providing legal assistance, since there are many prisoners who have been in jail after completing serving their jail terms.

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