New Law in Canada for Queue Jumping!

It is a known fact that the birthrate in Canada is very low which has led to more immigration than ever before to cater to the national economy as well as increase its population. Of these immigrants, it has to be noticed that there are a certain number of applicants who can be considered as queue jumpers. Such people tend to make a mockery of the immigration system of Canada.

This was one of the main reasons for the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stress on legislation to curb human smuggling in Canada. This has come about despite the NDP, Liberal as well as Bloc MPs threatening to kill the legislation.

According to PM Harper, amends are needed in the laws so as to ensure that the system continues certain incentives to motivate and reward those people who apply via the right channels of immigration.

This law was brought about in October. It would raise the amount of penalties for those found to be involved in human smuggling. None of the opposition parties have objected to this law.

However, the opposition does not agree to steps that cater to penalizing the asylum seekers. They find it unfair to brand such asylum seeker as queue jumpers. Infact, Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leader has pressed for the Harper government to move back to the initial stages. A balance has to be maintained when it comes to the new legislation. This is especially when it comes to aiding the actual asylum seekers and discouraging those walking into the nation illegally.

Above all, Canada is a developed nation which needs immigrants to cater to its nation. At the same time, the nation does not permit immigrants to take undue advantage of its welcoming nature towards immigrants.

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