Australia–A Haven for International Students

Over the years Australia has emerged as an excellent international destination for studying. Reportedly, it is absolutely shining in the results of the latest yearly QS Top Universities study. As many as 4 cities of the nation have found a place in the leading 20 cities in the world in which to pursue studies. Melbourne occupied the second spot, missing out on the Number 1 spot by a whisker to Paris by just 6 points.

The former obtained the maximum total in the “student mix’ category and also fared exceedingly well in the “desirability” and “employer activity” classes. Sydney chased its sister city at the fourth spot doing well in the same way in the “student mix”, “desirability” and “employer activity” streams.

The smaller, but no less lively Australian capitals of Canberra and Brisbane occupied the 17th and 18th position in that order, leaving behind well-liked certain American destinations, such as New York & San Francisco, and also as British student hotspots Edinburgh & Manchester.

The global study gives a ranking to cities on the basis of 5 major streams and this comprise affordability, desirability, university ranking, student mix, and employer activity. The same evaluates the desirability of registering for studies in every city, factoring in come issues, such as economic liveability figures, safety data, social development, opportunity, history, corruption, culture, and pollution.

The review also comprises the critical factor of employer actions. The class examines the views of recruiters/firms related to the finest establishments in each city, and also employment data, predominantly youth employment.

Allegedly, the thrilling results corroborate what the residents of Australia have already been aware of–one can’t leave behind Down Under for an exceptional student experience.

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