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Canada is a truly vibrant place for immigration from all respect. No matter whether it is the lucrative opportunities with respect to the job is concerned, better education opportunities or just for simple travel and tourism, one gets everything promised at the Maple Leaf Country.

Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

In the past, due to flexible immigration policies, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body governing the immigration, witnessed unprecedented scale of movement. However, over the period of time, the immigration backfired leaving marginally little or no room for fresh immigration to happen.

It is in such time tested periods the IRCC launched an unprecedented immigration programme termed as Express Entry to change the scenario. The programme is truly exceptional as it only considers the skills and expertise to facilitate the movement.

Under it, one has to first apply to the Express Entry portal and fill in the application registration. Once the application registration is filled, the aspiring immigrant can get the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) code to get the movement to happen.

But the movement to the overseas hotspot depends on Canada Express Entry Points Calculator, and if one is not aware about the immigration system, this view will act as a path bearer for them.

The calculator works on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and under the Programme the immigrants are rewarded with certain points based on their specific skills.

This is how the allocation of the points under the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator looks like.

Human Capital Factor

Factors Points per factor – With a spouse or common-law partner Points per factor – Without a spouse or common-law partner
Age 100 110
Level of Education 140 150
Official Language Proficiency 150 160
Canadian Work Experience 70 80

Arranged Nomination and Provincial Nomination allows the immigrants to straightway claim 600 points. Now, this is just one point of the story, in the other part, the immigration to Canada can be tough if one does not have the right immigration attorney.

Take a look at this piece how immigration attorney/consultants can help bring about a difference in the pursuit to immigration!

There are few things that the immigration attorney/immigration agency/ immigration lawyer can do to help you move without any problem. Take a look at the leverage that they offer to the clients.

Fact Awareness

There is a great deal of nuances which has to be closely studied. And, if you are an immigrant, you may not know all of them. How can an immigration lawyer help? Well, these professionals know the ways which can help one get the immigration visa. They are aware of alternate gateways, so suppose if the Canada Express Entry has not helped the immigrants to move, they can always bank upon the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) in times of need. So, this is how the immigration programme works for the immigrants even as they are made aware of different gateways which they can avail if the one that have planned has not worked out in real-time.

More Options

As an immigrant, one always wants to have myriad options to resort to, and a good immigration lawyer would fight to the last to help you get one in your kitty. If the skilled entry criteria have turned upside down for you, maybe you can look forward to marrying a Canadian national, or you can even look forward for some course in the education domain. So, in the presence of good immigration consultants, one can always be hopeful of things turning out in their favor.

Permanent Resident Laws

Every county wants to retain the good immigrants who have ended up on their soil. If the immigrant is of reasonable economic and social benefit for the nation, the economy would make sure that they never leave the country. With different PR visas, one can easily think of moving under the new ray of hope. A good immigration lawyer or consultant would make sure that you are made aware of all the possibilities that can help you get the Permanent Residency (PR) in time.

Job Hunt

Most of the immigrants find it hard to move to another country on a job seeker visa, but the presence of a good immigration consultant/lawyer with their rich network overseas ensure that the immigrants are able to get a good job opportunity under the job seeker visa.

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