Australia Allocates Billions to Border Protection in Annual Budget 2010-11!

Australia has committed billions to border protection and aviation security in the annual national budget for 2010-11. The fund, reportedly $4.3 billions is being declared to tightening the country’s borders, thereby addressing threats of extremism and detained asylum seekers under the national security program.

This is the first time in the history of Australia that defense and immigration funding have been put together for the sake of national security. Out of the $4.3 billions, $1.2 billion is sanctioned for assisting border security by buying 8 new border patrol vessels, along additional funding for joint operations with Indonesia to address issues like trafficking or smuggling of people.

Besides, other border security measures include funding pertaining to extra police at and advanced passenger screening technology at airports in Australia. Around $150 million has been allocated to increase the accommodation capacity in different immigration detention facilities across Australia. More than $22 million of capital funding will also be provided for the improvement of the prime detention center on Christmas Island.

Apart from the above, the country will also invest $500 million in a rocket artillery and mortar alert system for troops in Afghanistan, which a part of a $1.1 billion package to military safety. The $1.1 billion to the Australian Defense Force will be invested on body weapons and equipments, as well as in the advancement of the armored vehicles that are instrumental in protecting Australian troops serving overseas.

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