Overseas students declining in Australia!

An education agent in Australia has addressed that the number of applications from foreign students intending to study in Australia has disintegrated by a huge margin as much as 40 percent. He went on to confirm that the changes are a result of “abrupt and rapid” changes which happen to the Australian immigration regulations.

It has been speculated that the decline in the number of overseas students could cause Australia a heavy loss of $600 million, confirmed IDP chief Tony Pollock. He stated that it is a matter of great worry that last month witnessed a great loss in overseas applications from countries like Vietnam, India and China. Calculating the loss, he said that even a 10 percent loss in the application in one year, with each applicant paying somewhere $30k, would cost Australia a loss of $600m.

In addition, stats say that India is one of the major source providers for student applications to Australia and plays a critical role in enhancing the country’s economy in a major way. Hence, indirectly, the income contributes the funds in University teaching as well.

The decline is also resulted from the recent spate of racial attacks which came into news during the last few months.

Mr. Pollock stated that it is not an easy task to get a student visa, and that is why people have doubts in their mind whether they would ever be able to get a Permanent visa or not. Hence, they also think about whether they should choose another country for their overseas education or not.

These facets have added on to the decline.

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