Australia Citizenship Language Amendments are getting tougher

Having satisfactory English language skills is usually considered mandatory for the migrants, if they want to become a permanent resident or a citizen overseas, especially in some of the most developed global economies, including the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. This requirement though has often created problems and invited widespread criticisms from many people. The same things seem to be having now in the case of Australia, once again.

In what may not be music to the ears of many–especially those keen to become the citizens of Australia–it has been learnt that the Federal Government of Australia is eager to announce English test for the migrants to become qualified for getting the nation’s citizenship even while the incumbent Citizenship Minister has, reportedly, launched the idea of making the English-language tests tougher recently.

The proposal though, expectedly, has not gone down well with many what with some critics and detractors claiming that the proposed changes reflect the government’s mindset of destroying the unique diversity of the country.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa
Australia Permanent Resident Visa

However, the present minister–who received the citizenship portfolio some months back–stated that the nation’s multiculturalism structure is at a high risk unless major rule intervention positively addresses the matter of lower rates of integration, and the decreasing English-language abilities.

As per the minister, the present rule settings are not any longer satisfactory, against the backdrop of the rising number of ethnic districts, and the nose-diving rates of the spoken English language across the nation.

Stressing on the importance of maintain multiculturalism in the country he added that Australia is the most successful multicultural country across the globe but the Australian multiculturalism is not God-given even as it should not be taken for granted.

Dwelling on the issue further he added that sufficient proof exists that people in the country are not integrating the way they did earlier. Besides, some external issues are at play that weren’t present even 10 years back that make integration more difficult now.

Harping on the need of the rule change, he also stressed that the present Australian policies fail to address the challenges outlined above, adding there are not many formal conditions that really boost integration, acceptance of the unique Australian values, in addition to the English language abilities.

He further stated that it is predominantly the situation where the concentration of the foreign born in the specific suburbs is aligned with an extensive absence of the English being utilized.

Underlining the importance of the language further, he, reportedly, added that poorer English (also) denotes that the possibility of receiving a reasonably good job is significantly reduced.

As if to buttress his claims further the minister also quoted a recent research saying the migrants who spoke English exceedingly well were 3.7 times more expected to get a job in 18 months, post landing in the country, vis-à-vis those whose English was not good and not up to the mark.

Significantly, the minster’s major declaration comes just days after Peter Dutton–the in-office Home Affairs Minister–had reportedly stated that the administration was devoted to support the importance of the English language in the process to get the nation’s citizenship.

As per the critics,several generations of the non-English speaking migrants have assisted develop the Australian society, and possessing a university standard level of English never mattered earlier, and it should not be a pointer of one’s worth in the nation.

They continued that the recent amendments are just ‘fomenting hate’. Allegedly, many experts also claim that the changes had excessively impacted the migrant women, and made an underclass in the Australian community of people who reside, do a job and pay taxes in the nation for most of their life – but now they will be deprived of citizenship, courtesy their grammar.

Earlier, a large number of the Australians had signed petitions and petitioned the Senators in the country to stop the controversial changes in their tracks, and they were successful. And in case the administration fails to protect the nation’s diversity, the Senate and the Australian society will do it all over again, they maintained.

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