Learn About Canada PR Visa Requirements & Move Abroad Permanently!

Get a Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa if you want to live your life in one of the topmost global destinations, in the best possible way, and amidst clean and pure surroundings, in the lap of nature.

Canada PR Visa is like a Green Card. It gives you the residency rights in this beautiful and developed country. And this right entitles you to enjoy numerous amazing rights in the hotspot. You almost become a citizen of this top nation. Post you fulfill the mandatory requirements, you also become entitled to apply to become a Canadian citizen and eventually become one.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned Canadian immigration and visa organization, runs several easy-to-follow Canada PR Visa categories. Choose one as per your specific background and goals.

The visa categories under which you may submit an application for Canada PR are the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Family Sponsorship, the PNP Programmes, the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP), Skilled immigrants via Express Entry, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Live in caregiver Visa, Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed, etc.

Canada PR Visa Primary Requirements

To get PR in Canada, you require fulfilling some primary conditions. But you need to understand that just because you fulfill the requirements for a PR Visa for Canada does not mean you will get an invite to apply for a Canada PR Visa.

Your profile will be judged through the IRCC even as it would be matched against other profiles.

In the wake of successfully completing this necessary procedure, in case your profile manages to get the required points for Canada PR, then only you would be asked to submit an application for a Canada PR Visa.

Canada PR Visa Requirements

Your age must lie within the specified boundaries decided by the IRCC.

You must possess good language skills, expertise in French or English. If you are good at both, you will be preferred.

You need to furnish medical documents prepared by recognized government experts that confirm that your health is satisfactory. Along with that you also acquire producing police cleared identity documents.

A report of the education credential assessment (ECA) also needs to be submitted.

You must have a degree that is equal to a recognized institutional establishment of the Maple Leaf Country.

You must also be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for settling in the Maple Leaf Country and that you can also take care of the needs of your family in the nation.

Canada PR & Express Entry

You have the option of using Express Entry System also to get PR in Canada. Use it for a hassle-free visa application experience! Check the relevant sources to know what Canada PR Visa options you have! Skilled Worker Programme mentioned earlier could be a very good option for you. You can also mull the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) option mentioned earlier as it may help you get extra CRS points and make the cut eventually.

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