Figure Out How to Get Canada Permanent Residency!

If you want to have a great time overseas, and live your life in the best possible manner, get Canada Permanent Residency! But what exactly is Canada Permanent Residency, and how to get Permanent Residency in Canada?

Well, Canada Permanent Residency is a status given to a person in the Maple Leaf Country that entitles him or her to live and do a job in the country, on a permanent basis, and without any restrictions whatsoever.

Those who manage to get Canada Permanent Residency receive a Canada PR Card. It is comparable to a US Green Card. Canada PR Card holders can successfully submit an application for the prized Canadian Citizenship.

Such a person gets almost all rights that greet the country’s citizens though he is not a citizen of the nation, as permanent residents are basically the citizens of other nations.

Canada Permanent Residency
Canada Permanent Residency

As mentioned before, after you manage to get Canada Permanent Residency, you will be classed as a Canadian Citizen for all planned objects. It denotes you will be given a treatment accordingly and possess every similar right as the ones enjoyed by those born in the nation.

An individual in the Maple Leaf Country on a temporary basis–such as a student or overseas employee–is not really a permanent resident there in.

Now to second question: how to get Canada Permanent Residency!

Numerous easy-to-follow immigration methods are available using which you can get Permanent Residency in Canada. These are basically the immigration streams proffered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) even as these represent a lawful means to get Permanent Residency in Canada.

These are the 5 main categories to get Canada Permanent Residency:

  1. Express Entry Category
  2. Business Immigration
  3. Family Class Immigration
  4. Provincial Nominee Programmes
  5. Canadian Experience Class

With a view to be qualified for PR in the nation, you need to negotiate several twists and turns in the Canada Visa Process even as the IRCC and Ottawa will leave no stone unturned to figure-out if you are certainly the right person for PR, and will make an handy contribution to the Canadian economy, and not be a drain on the nation and its people in any manner.

Aspirants who are diseased or infirm are not allowed to get Canada Permanent Residency. People with any sort of criminal background, too, are not allowed entry.

With a view to get Canada Permanent Residency, and to be mulled as an asset by the nation, you must have expertise or skills in a professional field, especially the ones in high requirement in the nation. Your chosen domain of expertise could by anything–right from software programming to nursing–what is crucial is that you must have duly studied and possess the pertinent qualifications to prove it.

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