Check Canada Express Entry Visa Process & Immigration Streams!

Canada Express Entry Visa Process & Immigration

A person will be treated as a permanent resident of Canada if he has been given the permanent residential status in the nation. He may not be a citizen but need to stay at the country for a specified period. Let’s discuss more about Canada Express Entry Visa Process & Immigration Streams.

Canada Express Entry Visa Process
Canada Express Entry Visa Process

In order to have the Canada immigration simplified and get visa through the Canada Express Entry Visa process, you need to apply to have it. You can apply if you do so under three different categories like:

  1. Canada Experience Class
  2. Federal Skilled Worker
  3. Federal Skilled Trades

Let us see the different requirements that these three different categories ask for!

Federal Skilled Worker

To apply for this nature of immigration one must have a work experience of 30 hours per week for a stretch of a year in his native country. It may be so that you have been working as a part time worker, then the work experience should be of 15 hours per week for two years. There are certain other thing also to be noted, the work experience should match the skill level of O, A or B as per the standard made by this country.

Federal Skilled Trades

In order to have visa under this category, you must prove that you have fluency in English or French according to the set standard. The other requirement for having a visa under this category through the Canada Express Entry Visa process is that you must have an experience of working for two years in a particular skilled trade.

Canada Experience Class

Under this category, you need to have work experience in the Maple Leaf Country to apply. The length of the work experience required is 1 year.

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