Canada PR Points–Check If You Are Entitled?

Canada PR Points

Are you a skilled worker and interested in Canada Permanent Residence Visa (PRV)? If yes, this edit is for you! let’s discuss more about Canada PR Points.

For seizing hassle-free migration, on a permanent basis, to the nation, the applicants need to make the cut under its point based system. It expects that an applicant would score not less than 67 points under this system, out of 100 points up-for-grabs.

Canada PR Points
Canada PR Points

There are essentially 6 different categories under which he can claim points. These Canada PR Points determine his eligibility to the nation. The Permanent Residency (PR) that allows multiple benefits are judged upon the following grids-

Age– The applicant who is above 18 years of age is most welcome to the country, but people below this age do not get any points under this segment. Maximum 12 points are scored under this category. These 12 points are assigned to the person who is in the age slab of 18-35 years. An applicant 36 years of age gets 11 points. One point decreases at the increase in the age. 37 years old gets 10 points and so on and so forth.

Language skill– French is a language that is spoken in most of the provinces of the country, apart from English. These make it necessary for a person to have a firm grip on these two languages. This grid gives him maximum 28 points under the Canada PR Points calculation. A wishful migrant takes International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or CELPIP Canadian English language Proficiency Index Program for claiming points.

Education– This evaluating grid helps an expat score 25 points. These points can be claimed by him if he has obtained a Canadian secondary school certificate or post-secondary qualification or any equivalent foreign qualification that matches with Canadian secondary or post-secondary qualification. His university degree of PhD helps him in getting 25 points and Master’s level degree gives him 23 points, whereas diploma holders get just 5 points under this grid.

Work experience– There are some requirements for scoring the highest points under this factor. It is expected that a candidate has enough experience in his skilled profession. He must be in his job since or has worked 1560 hours to claim the highest 15 points under this section. A person with one year of work experience gets 9 points and 2-3 years’ experience holders gets 11 points. As the number of years increase, the points also increase. An applicant with 6+ years’ experience gets 15 points which are highest in this sector.

Approved employment–An applicant who manages to seize an employment from the Canadian employer gets 10 points.

Adaptability– This is another grid that helps the applicant get 10 points on behalf of his spouse or partner. For claiming these points his spouse should have achieved CLB 4 in his language ability test even as 5 points are assigned to the partner or spouse if 2 years study is completed by them. Apart from these points, the applicant needs to show that he can sustain his living in the country with sufficient funds.

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