Figuring Why Immigration Application of Some Candidates Take Longer To Process

A lot of water has flown down the Ganges or the Thames over the years even as the world has changed a lot. Altered global relations; changing human philosophies; radicalization of obstinate groups of people, by way of terrorism; shifting foundations of the society…these are just some of the changes that have defined the shifting times. The fallout: now different parts of the globe are steadily battling one or the other difficulties and trials.

General Issues that Slow Processing of Immigration Application

The said issues are frequently connected to the regional background of the nation and the relationship that it has with its surrounding nations. In case a specific region is battling continuous conflicts over different matters with its neighboring nations, then there will be a negative atmosphere among the residents of these countries.

Aside from such neighbor nation fights, there is also an additional prominent factor disturbing the world peace nowadays, and that is terrorism. As it is too well known, terrorists have attacked several nations in variable intensities over the past few decades, and created an atmosphere of fear throughout the world.

Immigration Application
Immigration Application

How Citizenship Permission Is Affected?

Thanks to such problems, such as terrorism, cross-border battles among the neighbor nations, the citizens of the nations in the grip of such things face a great deal of distress, fear of death and endless uncertainty. And this leaves the wronged individuals with no options except to move out.

But getting a visa is not easy and several of these would-be immigrants find themselves battling delays in the processing of their Immigration Applications.

Let us figure-out the key reasons behind the delay in the immigration procedure!

Immigration Application Procedure & Possible Factors behind Delays

Immigration application procedure differs from one nation to another. Still, a rudimentary similarity may be seen in the immigration application of the numerous nations. Usually, a single or multiple forms require to be filled with your correct personal details. Affixing your latest picture, sharing the needed certificates/papers, employing a computer in place of handwriting the forms, and making certain that the forms are suitably inked by you are also required.

Post the form filling and document submission, you require having a passport with a visa relating to your object of stay in the host nation. With a view to get the visa soon, you have to present the cover letter having all the particulars of your object of stay, together with your filled form. The concerned visa authorities will check the cover letter.

Coming back to the possible reasons for delay in the processing of immigration application, these are the key ones:

  1. Offering either wrong or fake certificates in place of the certificates demanded for. While incorrect papers may be corrected, via presenting the right ones, fake papers, just for purpose of movement, is a punishable wrongdoing in several nations.
  2. Wrong information shared in the answers to the questions asked in the immigration application forms. So you must fill in all the information wisely and cross check them prior to presenting the forms.
  3. Trivial errors, such as missing signature or pasting old photos in which you are not recognizable. It is clearly common sense that any paper is lawful only in case it has your signature. So, signing your form is very significant and the photo ought to be a latest one, so that your petition is not subjected to any sort of delays.
  4. Not offering a cover letter with your application form will leave the visa official ill-informed about your object of stay in the host nation, and so you might not get a visa early in that way adding to the delay in the procedure.
  5. Writing the form with your hands in place of employing a computer may delay your visa petition process.
  6. In addition, in case you have any sort of criminal background and the particulars of its clearance have not been properly shared in your application, it will not only delay your application form procedure, but might also make you unqualified to move anywhere.

Keep these things in mind to ensure that your immigration & visa application is not held in abeyance unnecessarily!

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