What Has Been Increasing Unlawful Canada Immigration Lately?

As per the available data, Canada and Australia are the two leading overseas immigration hotspots and they roll out a red carpet welcome to the genuine workers and helpless refugees and all those who can make a positive difference to the their respective economies.

The former, especially, has had a very good history of bigheartedly permitting a large number of the abandoned immigrants into its borders over the preceding 15 years or so. The Maple Leaf Country has a separate Law passed solely to administer the immigration screening procedure and entry allowance.

Several checkpoints exist, in the form of small rehabilitation centers, at the different areas near the Canadian border, entirely to simplify the immigration procedure. However, despite so many legal and infrastructural measures in place, regrettably, the plague of unlawful immigration has been troubling the nation since long, more so over the previous some years. As per the available information, anywhere between 35,000 and 1, 20,000 unauthorized immigrants have entered the nation over the previous decade.

Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration

Why Does Illegal Migration into Canada Occur?

Well, the reasons are numerous even as they all are associated with the demographical features of the specific nations battling unlawful immigration. For example, India has the bulk of the prohibited immigration in the world moving in from the different neighboring nations, particularly Bangladesh. Canada is facing a similar problem.

How Unlawful Canada Immigration Impacts Economy?

Over the course of the previous 10 years, many political emergencies have occurred, and so have anti-social happenings, cold-hearted war fares, etc. These issues have affected some specific regions the most, like the Middle Eastern nations, Syria, Iraq, Israel, etc. Some nations of Europe, the US and some major Asian nations, such as India, Afghanistan, have suffered equally and in a more or less similar manner.

These issues have resulted in a great loss of precious human lives, property, international peace, etc., and fuelled the mass movement of people from the key affected regions. For example, the rise of the terrorist groups and the anti-government happenings in some specific nations–such Iraq and Syria–has led to numerous people escaping from those nations.

Once people escape from such affected nations, they hunt for a country which might be economically, generally, and infrastructure wise pretty secure. And most importantly, they prefer easy-to-follow immigration procedure. Allegedly, the only two countries perfectly satisfying all these factors are the US and Canada even as earlier more people chose the former over the latter, thanks to a more developed picture of the former.

However, with Donald Trump occupying power in the US as the new president the visa process to the country was made more difficult to follow and the immigrants from numerous Islamic nations were almost banned even as it many would-be migrants wondered what to do.

Consequently, all these immigrants started to run away from the US to move to the closest and safest choice, Canada. It was the primary factor behind a large-scale prohibited movement lately, although Canada has been expelling several of such prohibited immigrants of late.

How Do Some People Unlawfully Manage To Move Into Canada?

The most common ways adopted by the refugees to enter the nations have been recognized as the unlawful Border crossing, Overstaying Visa, and Bogus Wedding with the local citizens.

Prohibited immigration in Canada is mostly regarded as the refugees overstaying their visa validity time. It essentially means that several individuals first enter the nation lawfully with a valid Work Visa or Tourist Visa or Education Visa. But then after the maturity of its legally valid time, they do not away but continue to stay in the nation clandestinely. The maximum number of the illegal immigrants is caught overstaying their visa period in the Maple Leaf Country.

The second most tried manner to unlawfully move into Canada has been crossing the border unlawfully. These refugees are mostly from the US, which, as mentioned before, has been facing Trump’s immigration prohibition. Post this immigration ban, as many as 14,000 refugees living in the US had reportedly escaped to the neighboring Canada and moved unlawfully.

Lastly, people also marry the Canadian citizens in a fake manner, just to obtain Canadian citizenship and thereby move into the Maple Leaf Country unlawfully. However, the figure of the prohibited immigrants doing it is rather insignificant.

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