Canada Immigration–Be Honest With Details Submission to Avoid Application Rejection Chances!

The Canadian Government has a zero tolerance policy against those who present fake documents and make wrong submissions to get a visa. Such aspirants may feel that they would make the cut, and take the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and those who matter, for a ride. But the fact remains that the visa officials and authorities are smarter and more alert than you might think, and they will easily figure out if you are making any wrong or fake claims.

They have their own system to spot the fraudsters.  Rest assured after a person is caught, he will not be admitted into the country. What worse: he could even be blacklisted to discourage such aspirants to try and follow wrong methods to make the cut.

Canada, the Maple Leaf Country, is the dream overseas hotspot of nearly every second person, keen to do a job overseas. The place draws a large figure of immigrants across the year even as it is placed right at the top in the list of the preferred job destinations of immigrants. The nation provides a rather bright future for every aspiring applicant, eager to settle down out-of-the-country.

Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration

For the benefit of the would-be migrants, here we would talk about the background checking, which is carried-out by the Canadian visa officials with a great deal of care & attentiveness. You may have bumped into those who may have informed you about the many methods using which the crucial document verification is carried-out, but still the chances of you missing the true picture cannot be ruled out.

Arranging the papers and making the required improvements, to fit the visa requirements, is something exceedingly widespread. Given this, it’s crucial to figure-out how the crucial document checking is really performed, and also the way the whole visa verification procedure is actually performed.

Drafting Experts to Assist You in Verifying References

Do not arrange and submit documents yourself; use the services of the experts. In case you do it yourself, there is a high possibility that it could be dismissed, courtesy many reasons. It is vital that the particulars you submit are entirely true. These comprise your present state of income, bank information, etc. The concerned visa verification officials will scrutinize what you may have entered, to find out if the particulars are really correct. In case they find even the smallest amount or any hint of duplicity, your visa petition will be disallowed.

Ensure Accuracy of Particulars of Recruiter So That Canada Visa Gets Processed

Confirm that you enter the recruiter’s number and address appropriately. The concerned visa verification officials will double check the facts shared. They will not just compare the same with the initial information offered by the firm on their own website, but may also use the number offered by you, to figure-out if what you have shared is really a fact, and that you are really being hired as the firm’s worker. The concerned visa officials utilize open sources, which makes the visa verification job pretty simpler for them. They can check the particulars and also other sources shared by you, with ease.

Anti-fraud Organization in Canada Immigration

Each and every visa bureau running anywhere in this world has its own anti-fraud unit (AFU). Fundamentally, this body has a set of officials who work for visa authorities to authenticate the particulars shared by the visa candidates. They are basically skilled professionals who know how to work in a specific nation, figuring-out the cultural & economic situations of that specific area. In case the visa authorities have any suspicion that the references shared are ambiguous and not true, they will contact the anti-fraud body to further confirm the references.

How Authorities Spot Fake Canada Immigration Cases?

At times, some people use fake employment particulars, to obtain Work Visa. Of late, cases of fake Work Visa petitions have jumped extremely. In case you offer the number of your friend as the recruiter, then rest assured that the anti-fraud unit will find it. These experts know how to question the person on the other end, and this will aid them to figure-out if the work particulars are really correct.

They will give a call on the number shared by you. The call will be spot-on, to guarantee that the real fact emerges. Complex questions will be asked, and in case the individual on the other end of the line fails to answer these correctly, inside just a few minutes the truth will be unveiled. Essentially, the questions will comprise the last time you spoke to the individual, the profile he is picked for, work period, among others.

Real Site Visit in Canada & Interview with Establishment

If the immigration authorities are not 100% satisfied, they may even make a real site visit. It happens quite frequently these days, courtesy of the growing figure of the fraudulent cases. They may go to the bureau and carry-out face to face interview with the recruiter.

Against this backdrop, use the real facts to lessen the chance of dismissal. Making short-cuts will not help your cause in any manner. Fill the documents honestly and correctly and there is no reason why you will not successfully get a visa and that too pretty fast.

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