Canadian Federal Minister Keen to Increase Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration Target by Over 100%

Newfoundland and Labrador–the most easterly province of Canada–is a popular province of the nation, and draws a good number of migrants from all over the world. But it is still felt that there is some scope and need to attract more footfalls in this part of the world against the backdrop of the ageing population of the region, and to further improve the local economy.

As per a report, if Seamus O’Regan, one of the in-office Canadian federal cabinet ministers, has his way, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador may, reportedly, more than double its immigration target. The minister says he has green signal from the nation’s incumbent Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, to increase the province’s present immigration target of 1,700 newcomers by 2022 to not less than 4,000.

Against the backdrop of the combination of out migration and a populace that is allegedly becoming older at an unbelievable rate, he reportedly states that 4,000 new immigrants is the baseline for preventing the social impacts of the province’s decreasing tax base from getting out of control and deteriorating further.Canadian Federal Minister

As per the available information, the province requires not less than 4,000 fresh immigrants per annum just to continue the status quo. However, the minister, reportedly, adds that he is not interested in just maintaining the status quo, as he is keen to make the local economy better. He further points-out that he is interested in additional jobs, in more profits, in bigger affluence — and that denotes more number of outsiders.

Significantly, as per an estimate of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, by 202, the province will witness a drop of 10% in its working-age populace, leading to 35,000 fewer number of skilled workers in the labor market of the province.

Newfoundland and Labrador has, reportedly, been admitting a progressively improving figure of newcomers over the past couple of years, heading north to 1,122 in 2015 from a total of 546 in 2007.

O’Regan continues that he plans to bring the agents of labour, business and government together in the province to explore the different ways they can make the growth he is scheduling a certainty.

He also adds that he believes that the people of the province would throw their doors wide open to the newcomers. Praising the province for its welcoming nature, the minister states that after people move to it, they are welcomed into the province’s societies, into the homes, and into the hearts of its residents.

O’Regan also reportedly takes a great deal of pride in a new Canadian study of immigrants that reportedly says St. John’s is one of the most open and welcoming cities in the nation.

Highlighting the welcoming nature of the province further, the minister also speaks about his grandfather’s experience as a refugee who ran away from the Civil War in Ireland only to find a safe haven in Newfoundland. Sharing more details on this, he adds that then no one was interested in admitting an Irishman, but Newfoundland admitted him.

Dwelling on the importance of the migrants, he reportedly states that Newfoundlanders have a lot to gain from a fresh flood of overseas movement to the province. He also states that the migrants don’t snatch the jobs of the local people (as feared); in fact, they make them.

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