Top 5 Canadian Cities with High Figure of Employment Opportunities & Low Unemployment

For the people keen to do a job and settle abroad Canada is, perhaps, the first choice. If you want to move overseas and settle there in, then well, Canada is the right place for you. And, in the Maple Leaf Country the below mentioned cities are the top 5 cities for job and living purposes. Let’s check them one by one!

Milton, Ontario

It is the nation’s quickest-developing society and a place of excellent opportunity for families, migrants, individuals, and businessmen. It is an amazing blend of urban and rural, modern and historic perfectly set in the milieu of the famed Niagara Escarpment.

This Canadian city is well-known form its low unemployment rate though the rentals here are somewhat more. But if you’re interested to do a job, then you will, perhaps, not get a better city in the country. It’s one of the best choices in the matters of employment opportunities with high salaries.

From Toronto, it is though quite farther when travelling via train in relation to any other cities in the list Milton has more number of migrants.

Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration

As mentioned earlier, the rent here is not very reasonable. Apart from this, in case you are very much worried about your safety, then you should know that Milton does not have an exceedingly low rate of crime. Still, one may not refuse a Milton-based work opportunity, without difficulty.

Ottawa, Ontario

Famed for lower property costs and excellent public transport network, Ottawa is the country’s capital and the safest choice in case you are interested in a decent salaried job. The available information clearly shows that Ottawa will be the best place for jobs in the near future if it is already not one.

Ottawa, being the nation’s capital and a major Canadian city, boasts of all the facilities required for living well and with comfort. It has good number of job openings; the rent here is pretty easy on the pocket but the rate of unemployment is also rather higher, vis-à-vis other Canadian places. And if we talk about the cost of house it is average even while the city is fairly safe and has a good transport system. Overall, Ottawa is a good city to do a job and live in, in Canada.

Brossard, Quebec

A well-known and much preferred place by immigrants Brossard is renowned for proffering high paying jobs to the deserving people. Apart from high paying jobs, you also get numerous other advantages in Brossard, such as reasonably priced accommodation, low unemployment rates, besides cultural diversity. What’s more: Brossard also has mammoth immigrant population, expected to be close-to 36% of the total population of the area.

Brossard is also the finest commercial hub in the Montreal’s south shore even as it consists of the highest diversified municipalities. The rent here is not too high, vis-à-vis any other suburbs in the area. As per another report, Brossard also has the second lowest property costs in Canada. It is possible to own your residential properties inside just 3-odd years here.

It initially assists the immigrants to settle down rather comfortably, which is otherwise not so easy. Significantly, the rate of employment opportunities is also rather high here, and this draws immigrants from throughout the world.

The rate of crime is also pretty low in the region, and you can rest assured that your near and dear ones will have full safety and security here.

Mississauga, Ontario

The USP of the place is that it is one of safest places for immigrants as it has the lowest rate of crime in the whole country. This makes the place a very good place to do a job and settle in in the nation without any fear.

The place is located in the Ontario’ north and it can be easily reached via either highway or transit. It has the second highest proportion of immigrants across the country with a very high job rate, vis-à-vis any other city of Ontario.

Burlington, Ontario

It is close to key transportation, to the cities of Hamilton & Toronto, and also to the US border. It is also privileged to have the UNESCO world biosphere reserve Niagara Escarpment in its backyard and the well-known Lake Ontario in its front yard.

The city has wonderful employment opportunities, low crime rates, and a wonderful community feel. Over 50% of the city is protected rural area.

Burlington provides first-rate urban facilities, comprising shopping and eating even as it is the place where some of the most popular festivals and events of Ontario are organized.

No wonder, this wonderful place is rapidly becoming a favorite for immigrants despite the fact that you will not find many jobs here if you compare it with other places in the list of top cities for migrants in Canada. Burlington is not regarded as the richest place either in the nation.

Perhaps, behind the widespread popularity of the city is the fact that the rent here is consistently less, in relation to what you may have to shell-out in other major cities in Ontario. The rate of unemployment is also less here even as the place is not very far from Toronto.

Though the place does not boast of a big populace of immigrants, with the fast growing development, Burlington is emerging as the top attraction for migrants to Canada.

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