Top UK NGO Wants Cheaper Visas for Indians

The UK seems to be losing out to its rivals, in terms of drawing migrants to the country, if we go by the new news report on the subject that is being discussed here.

In what may prove to be a positive development–from the perspectives of the Indian migrants, keen in UK migration–the Royal Commonwealth Society, the well-known UK-based think tank, has, reportedly, released a study, allegedly, to shore-up its call for a new, comparatively more economical visa programme, to draw more guests from India to the UK.

As per the think-tank, that’s reportedly behind the drive started in 2016 for a new UK-India joint visa accord which would significantly decrease the fee of the Tourist Visas, the UK was losing out in the competition as the next-door France drew 185,000 additional business guests and travellers from India in 2016.UK Immigration Visa

In general, while the figure of the visits to the UK by people from India dropped by 1.73% in 2016; in France it jumped by 5.3%.

Reportedly, the nation’s market share of the Indian outbound tourists has gone south by over 50% from 4.4% in 2006 to 1.9% in 2016. Further, while 600,000 Indians made a trip to France in 2016, only people 185,000 made a trip to the UK during the same period.

Allegedly, the new UK-India Visa Agreement in the pipeline would shrink the price of a two-year visa to just 89 pounds from the present 388 pounds, and permit the travellers to make repeat trips inside two years. It would echo the reduced cost of the two-year multiple entry visa that was started in January 2016 for the visitors moving both ways between the UK & China.

Allegedly, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled to be held in April, and to be attended by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, presents the perfect location for a declaration of a new accord.

A new UK-India bilateral visa accord, allegedly, will not only improve trade and tourism, but also make key business and cultural links better and stronger, in the process, enabling the two involved nations to make the most of the future global prospects.

Indian business powerfully backs this programme. Allegedly, businesses, students and travellers from India already make a major contribution to the economy through the UK. The UK has the potential to gain more from India’s enviable development. A strong, unbiased and reasonable visa partnership is a crucial component of unchaining the potential for both nations.

The London-based Royal Commonwealth Society was brought into existence way back in 1868 as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), allegedly, to advance the values of the Commonwealth. The same has been spearheading a drive for a new UK-India visa accord for some years as it, reportedly, opines that it would improve trade & tourism, and support key business and cultural links between the two nations.

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