Australia Denies Visa to Indian Team!

In recent news, Australia has recently denied entry to the Indian lawn bowls team, making it impossible for them to take part in practice sessions. The team was to head towards the Common Wealth Games after going for ample practice in Sydney, but after the denial, the team would suffer a lot due to the lack of practice sessions.

The main reason given for the denial that Australia thinks the team would serve as “flight risks” and hence have been barred with their visas. It is not the first time; the Indians have faced a ban or visa forbid of this sort. This is the second occasion where the team has been barred a visa. Of course, the reasons have been different every single time.

Critics are not at all happy with this move, according to team’s coach Richard Gale, this incident shows the ultimate example of Indians being whacked by the Australian government. The irony here is that the coach is an Australian by origin.

The coach went on to say that the players got an easy entry to nations like China, but why is that they have to face certain conditions when it comes to Australia. Why these players who have no many and don’t attire a proficiency in the English language had to face certain bad conditions in an alien land.

Saying harsh words against Australia, the coach said that Australian bowls team took part in a championship in Delhi, but when it comes to the Indian team; it was hypocritical of the land of Kangaroos to show such behavior.

*For those who don’t know, Lawn bowl is an extremely popular sport in Australia. Gradually it is gaining its popularity amongst other nations as well. It is a lawn game where the player’s motto is to roll asymmetric balls, known as bowls, so that they can stop them adjacent to a white bowl called “kitty.” Bowls are played as an outdoor game. But sometimes, indoor games are also played, in accordance with the surface and availability if synthetic grounds.

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