U.S. Student Visa Application Process!

The United States is one of the most preferred destinations when it comes to pursuing higher education. If you are not a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, you must apply for a student visa before you intend to go and study in the US.

The study visa falls under the non-immigrant visa category. The Non-immigrant visas are further categorized into the ‘F’ and ‘M’ visa. The international students have to apply under the F-visa category.  The ‘M’ visa is for those applicants who will be pursuing some course which is non-academic or vocational in nature. The procedure and requirements to apply for both the kinds of visas is the same and is completed in following steps mentioned below.

You must have evidence that shows that you have been accepted by some college or school as a student to study in their place. This evidence or official documents will be provided to you by your education provider known as Certificate of Eligibility (SEVIS I-20). You would have to show this certificate as evidence to the visa authorities. If you are already staying in the US, then you have to change the status of your visa to a student visa. Just in case you belong to a country which is visa exempt, such as Bermuda or Canada, then you do not have to apply for a student visa.

You have to show that you have enough financial assets to take care of your               tuition fee and living expense. You must also have the proof of your English proficiency which is tested by the TOEFL.

As you will arrive in the United States, you will receive an official document named as Form I-94 (Arrival Departure Record) which would contain important information such as your admission number to the United States. Later, an immigration inspector will write down your admission number on Form I-20. Your education provider will keep this form as a proof that you are legally admitted to the country. Third and fourth pages of this form are known as I-20 ID which is a proof that you are allowed to study as F-1 and M-1 students.

Your I-94 card will be renewed (as you will enter into the country) every time you travel out of the country. If you have completed one year of your stay and wish to extend your time period further, then you can apply for the extension depending upon the situation. All your official documents are very important and can for from time to time as a proof, so you must keep them carefully and in good condition.

Overseas education is once in a lifetime investment which can add an extra star to your career and it’s an exposure to great experience. For further information and help in your visa application process, you can contact immigration outsourcing company making your journey smooth and safe.

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