Australia Immigration A Bed Of Roses but Some Thorns Too Thrown In Between

Australia immigration is something that much inspires many, and they want to settle in the country, for one or the other reason. While settling in the country may not be any easy job for many, for others it could be an easy thing to do what with the wide availability of all kinds of good options in the country.

Let’s check the blog and figure how one stands to gain if he moves to the country, and what hurdles could pose a threat to many migrants in the country! In short, let’s figure what price one has to pay to settle comfortably in the country and how could be the actual experience for some new comers!

1. Housing

Let’s start with accommodation in the country! If we talk about the cost of housing in Oz, well, it is pretty expensive and beyond the budget of many. If we compare the costs with, say the costs in Canada, these are on the higher side. But the good thing is that you will find numerous attractive options, and as per your budget, you can choose one.

For example, if you can make some adjustments and stay a little far away from the major cities, you can easily find spacious, big houses, for a moderate price. But if you have some money to spare and won’t mind shelling out a little extra, well, you will find good compact apartments and townhouses which provide easy access to nearly everything. As they, the choice will be yours.

2. Cost of Living

It’s pretty expensive to live in Australia. Living in the Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, for example could be a very costly affair. From food to clothes to accommodation everything is very expensive and beyond the budget of most people. But the good thing is that the minimum wages are pretty high in the country, and so are the living standards of its people. It means you can rest assured that you will earn well in the nation, and get to enjoy very high living standards, and so you will not mind shelling-out a little extra, especially when your wages can easily take care of this, right?

3. Healthcare

If we talk about the quality of healthcare offered, well, it is one of the best in the whole world. Here in Australia, you will get quality healthcare, irrespective of the fact whether you are an Australian or not. You will also get pretty good options in private health insurance and government subsidized health care schemes.

The good thing about the Australian healthcare is that both public and private healthcare are of a very high standard. Most Australian hospitals and health centers are well equipped with very good doctors. Immigrants can gain from both public and private health services.

But the not-too-good thing is that the private health insurance is very costly, and beyond the budget of many. Besides, for some particular visa classes, you, as an immigrant, are not allowed to gain from Medicare, which is the subsidized programme run by the administration. You will have to choose private health insurance, and mind you, it is pretty expensive.

4. Education & Schools

Much like other countries and regions, here in Australia, you will find both public and private education system. Both the systems are pretty good and well equipped with reasonably competent teaching staff. You will find some very sensibly priced schools and respectable universities.

But the not-too-good thing is that education comes with a very high price at the different private and international schools in the country. Several of the private schools and educational centres take a lot of pride in charging exorbitantly, and maintaining their reputation as an expensive school. Their adage seems to be quality comes with a high price.

5. Lifestyle & Culture

Multiculturalism is a strong point of the country, and you will find people from far and wide, from different cultures and regions living in perfect harmony here. The local Australians are basically very fond of outdoors activities even as they love sports and adventure activities.

They also love to work hard and party harder. The Australian nightlife is also very exciting and invigorating. Pubs, bars, nightclubs…you name it and you will find the various cities dotted with these. It means you can have a wonderful time here and love living here and having a great time, living life King Size, like them.

But the spoilsport is that the small Australian towns and semi-urban areas are almost dead with little or no life. While you will be greeted with numerous cultural activities like ballet and opera in the big Australian cities, like Sydney or Melbourne, for example in the rural areas and small towns you will seldom find these. Just some football matches will be on the platter for you in these areas, that also only on the weekends.

You will also not find any nightclubs or bars in these areas and so life won’t be very interesting in these parts of the country, and if you find yourself stuck in such areas, you will, perhaps, regret moving to the county.

Having said this, Australia will still be the safest and the best immigration option for you.

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