What Makes Settling In Canada Attractive Proposition?

Canada has emerged as one of the favorite overseas destinations for the Indians even as a large chunk of the migrants from India prefers the Maple Leaf Country over others whether it is for study or job or settling permanently there in.

It’s relatively easy to migrate to Canada and settle there in than, say, the US. While people from across the country are moving or have already moved to the Maple Leaf Country, most successful and would-be migrants from India happen to be from the country’s northern regions.

What makes Canada so hot? Why it is way ahead of other overseas destinations for the Indian migrants? Why many people from this part of the world want to settle in the Maple Leaf Country? Let’s check this blog and figure the reasons!

1. Multicultural Country

The Maple Leaf Country is a classic example of a beautiful multicultural overseas hotspot. You will find people from all races and religions thriving and living rather peacefully in this extremely beautiful and nature-blessed country. If you are a foodie, then you will be happy to know that you will find all types of eateries serving lip-smacking food from nearly every part of the world (Including India).

For the Indian migrants, there is a large variety of Indian grocery chains dishing-out typical Indian food items. Right from your favorite besan (gram flour) to Indian spices to papads you name it, and you will find it here in abundance in Canada. The markets in the country are pretty well stocked with every Indian Food item you may think of and salivate over.

What’s more: the restaurants here serve delicious and fresh typical Indian food, such as biryani, dal makhnai, tandoori naan, butter chicken, laddoos, rasogulla, to name a few.

2. Strong Economy & Government Support

The Maple Leaf Country perhaps, because it is the 10th largest global economy with amazingly rich natural resources, high GDP and wonderful global trade network proffer numerous well-paying employment opportunities and very high standards of living. The various government schemes, in which every immigrant also participates, guarantee financial stability & strength. Therefore, post shifting to the hotspot from India, earning well and sustaining is not a problem. Besides, healthcare & education are subsidized or free here. It means you can save your hard-earned money and use it for other essential things.

3. Cultural Diversity

Since the nation rolls out a red-carpet welcome to all, you will find here a beautiful kaleidoscope and amalgamation of the various cultures. What’s so appealing about this wonderful facet of Canada is that people from different religions, ethnicity, race, and origin live together peacefully and in harmony. Hence, in case Canada immigration is on your radar, rest assured that you will feel home here and not miss India’s multicultural facet.

4. Crime-free Society

The Maple Leaf Country is a huge nation with people from all parts of the world. Still, it is, by and large, a very peaceful place with nearly nil or very low rate of crime. As per a report, Canada received the OECD Better Life Index award in 2014, for getting a very impressive 9.7 out of 10 in security. Settling here with your family, without any worries, for the safety of your dear and near ones, will not be an issue for you.

5. Pleasing Weather

Canada is a very cold country with freezing or minus Degree temperatures. Still, people from India find the Canadian weather pretty okay with the reason being they are from a very hot country with temperatures jumping to 48 degrees through summer.

6. Family Support for Elderly

Ottawa supports its people and the migrants whole heartedly, in every possible manner. You will not find raising your family an issue here. Right from free or subsidized education to free or subsidized healthcare, from old age pension to unemployment support, the Government of Canada supports its people and their families in myriad ways. You will not get such an amazing support even here in India.

7. Friendly Locals

Most Canadians do not have any objections to migrants making their nation their home. In fact, they love to make the migrants feel at home in Canada. Perhaps, they understand and know the value migrants bring to the country. Possibly, they also understand that migrants are assets and not a threat to the Canadian economy and its people.

These are the key factors that make moving to Canada and settling there in such a great idea.

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