Australia Immigration Assessment Free Services in India

With the changing paradigm the Australian authorities have installed new systems and superseded the older preferences with revised policy structure. The new system is definitely easy to operate and approach but one thing that can never change is the inherent complex rule and regulation set – up of the Aussie migration policy. In that case it becomes imperative for you to actually seek come expert assistance before you embark onto the mission of accomplishing this task. If you are in Indian subcontinent then you can access Australia Immigration Assessment Free Services in India that are provided by Abhinav.

We are well versed in this domain and have the necessary equipment and knowledge to handle all complex queries and questions and also advise you on generally termed as left out and unexplored areas of this subject. We have been rendering services for Australia since our inception and are MARA registered agency.

Our network of Australia based visa and migration law experts is unrivalled and has helped us in going a long way. Today our expertise and accumulated database on laws and made it possible for us to bring out the hidden and embedded intricacies of each statute that may not be visible to you or any other comparable migration agency.

The new system initiates the process by accepting expression of interest on SkillSelect platform. The system in itself is established as interactive platform that sans human involvement from DIAC. This can be termed as an advantage and as a drawback as the definitions fed into the system tend to take you again and again to the same findings and present you with the same information. If you happen to be looking for information then you have seek other sources. We would suggest here that why to take inconvenience of approaching any official in person and paying visits to their offices when you access our Free Online Australia Immigration Assessment Services from the comfort of your home or office.

You can just get in touch with our experts online and get all the required indepth analysis of the Australian migration policy and regulations. We would not only explain each statute to you but also elaborate and explain implications and outcomes of each law to you in a simplified language.

Australian migration process in Skills and business migration require fulfillment of separate and unique statutes and thus procedural steps for each of these programs also differs in implementation although within the premise of the SkillSelect system.

Skills migration requires you to go through some initial steps and negotiate them to be able to be considered in the advanced stages of the selection process. These steps include

  • Getting your academic and professional credentials evaluated from designated Australia evaluation body that has jurisdiction over your occupational premise
  • Writing Ielts examination to substantiate you English language proficiency

Each of these steps is necessary and you must comply with these in order to enable your EOI to accumulate critical scores required to cross the minimum threshold mark i.e. 60 marks. These are some of the process that will keep you on your heels before you actually make a head way into finally filing your digital profile in form of EOI on SkillSelect.

This is where our Free Online Assessment for Australia Immigration comes in quite handy and tends to save you time and money. We will be able to advise you on the list of the documents that would play an important role in the evaluation process and help you cross the qualification hurdles of the trade definitions indicated in the SOL along the profession codes.

Abhinav’s Australia Immigration Assessment Free Services in India would prove to be advantageous for you and infact save you much effort, time and also money. We would not only elaborate each step to you but also clarify outcome and implication of each law. It would be convenient enough for you to approach us and avail offer of free online assessment from the comfort of your home or office.

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