Permanent Immigration to Canada, Fill out a free assessment form with Canadian Immigration Consultant

Canada being one of the highly progressive countries with lot of industrial development, it is not surprising that professionals all over the world are keen to apply for the permanent immigration to Canada program. With globe-trotting becoming quite common and transition modes becoming lot more efficient people now want to try out their destiny in foreign lands where the pastures appear greener and can contribute in shaping their future in a better manner.  Although the laws regarding immigration visas have been relaxed by many countries including Canada still there are certain rules and norms that have been made essential by the Canadian immigration consulate so that only those professionals and workers who in some way or the other have the potential to contribute in the economic and social growth of its country get the permission for the permanent immigration to Canada.

The virtual world is here to stay and nowadays, people prefer the internet more for gaining access to needful information than magazines and newspapers as the online e-magazines and articles provide you with the latest and the highly updated news version. Similarly, you can carry out various other legal processes and activities online such as filling out a free assessment form with the Canadian immigration consultant. The online portal of the Canadian Immigration Consulate provides you with a free assessment form in which you have to fill up all the relevant information about yourself. This is the same information which is expected of you by the Canadian immigration authority along with the application for permanent immigration to Canada.

What information is needed to fill the assessment form?

The whole assessment form is divided into five to six sections. The first section expects you to fill in your personal general detail such as your name, sex, marital status, number of children if you are having any, Country of permanent residence and citizenship, your legal status in the country, mailing address, residential address, and land line or home phone number, cell phone number and your email ID.

The second section is all about your education and you have to provide the information regarding your graduation, post graduation, other degrees and academic qualification you possess and vocational training. In this section the workers who have schooling of higher secondary level or similar level are also expected to enter the information in the relevant bracket.

The third section is for those who are applying under the Federal skilled workers permanent immigration visa program. Here all the various types of professions are listed and you have to tick the one which you will be following on reaching Canada. You also have to mention the amount of experience you have in the same field.

The fourth section checks your compatibility with Canada, whether you know any one of the four official languages of the country, have been graduated from any of the government funded Canadian institution or have passed IELTS exam and so on. The fifth and the sixth section have queries related to your association with state of Alberta and Manitoba and about your spouse and her working ability respectively.

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