Know About Online Canada Immigration Process

Canada attracts large number of immigrants every year and even though the process of obtaining permanent resident visa in Canada is tedious and quite confusing, workers and professionals who want to make it big and earn and live better are not turned off by it and strive their best to achieve their desired goal. The online Canada immigration process has now made things all the simpler for the applicant who can now fill up the assessment form for the immigration online and prepare for the application process in the right direction.

The immigration process is aimed for the people from foreign countries who wish to shift to Canada permanently, or to work temporarily, to join or visit family or to study in one of the institutions of the country.  The Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the department which takes care of the Canadian immigration process and it also has an internet tool that is interactive and provides online Canada immigration process which serves as a good guide for the prospect immigrants as well as visitors who do not know where to start. This tool asks you various questions and relates your answers to the specific immigration options that can be made available to you for giving immigrant visa. The result is shown at the bottom of the page and you can follow various links and tags posted on the page for getting more information on assessment form, applications and other relevant information.  The main advantage of using this online immigration tool is that you get to know whether you qualify for the immigration program of Canada and if not what is lacking so that you can fulfill all those requisites and apply accordingly with complete preparation.

The online immigration process for Canada guides you step by step as to how you can get your desired immigrant visa. The step one includes an application which expects you to fill in the general personal information about yourself. The second step involves checking your eligibility whether you qualify under the federal skilled labor program, skilled trades, Canadian experience class, Quebec selected skilled workers, provincial nominees, entrepreneurs, self-employed, investors, live in care-givers, refugees, or sponsoring your family. You need to be eligible for at least one of the above eligibility criteria.

The Canadian Consulate expects you to have general knowledge about Canada and hence the next step of online immigration process introduces you to the culture and important information related to Canada, its economy and social life. This step also shows you proper direction as to what you should do on getting the immigrant visa. From which city to choose, how to prepare financially, learning official languages, to adjusting to Canada and bringing the right documents and things to the country, all the information is available on the online Canadian immigration site.

The site also advices you to take help of official people, lawyers and representative in this regard and warns you to take precautions against getting dumped by fraud operators in this field.

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