Australia Immigration Beckons

If you are an outsider and wish to work in Australia, then you will be extremely delighted to know that there are many ways to obtain an opportunity in the country, including visas such as Permanent Residency (Green Card), Study Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Visitor Visa, etc.

For sure, many high aspirants from all over the world are eager to explore the different work related opportunities in Oz. Australia Immigration beckons them, justly so. Perhaps, it could be once in a life time and rewarding experience to live and work in a country like Australia, and experience new work culture and meet people from various sectors.

In spite of the recent economic slowdown that shook the whole world and destroyed several global economies, the outlook towards the country’s economy remains positive. And, it is expected in the coming years the number of industries across Down Under will expand even as fresh opportunities will rise–both for its citizens and the foreign talent.

As it is too well known, Oz is world famous as global economic giant and its job market is most competitive. No wonder, it’s really difficult for the non Australia citizens to find an opportunity to move to it.

The country’s job market fluctuates often depending on its economic factors, specific circumstances, and also the type of the specific work you are looking. It is imperative to note that majority of the employment based visa requires a prior job offer from an Australian employer irrespective of your educational qualifications, experience and skills.

What is it like working in Australia?

Working Hours: These are similar to that of the European countries and each employee is expected to work at least eight hours a day approximately 40 hours in a week (Monday to Friday).

Holidays: Workers are liable for annual leaves, i.e., maximum two weeks. National holidays, New Year’s Day, and Christmas are also included as paid leaves.  With experience the number of annual leaves increases.

Tax Rate: If you are a green card holder, you are subject to the same tax rates that of the Australian citizens and need to declare your annual income in a tax return.


If you intend to work in Australia then you need to have a valid visa. There are many categories available for foreign workers who wish to live and work in the country for either a short stay or long term stay. Let’s have a look on some of the available options!

Green Card: You can become a permanent resident of the country through a job offer from a local employer. However, some sectors may require certification from the concerned body to prove that the vacant position cannot be filled by the local worker.

Work Visa: There are several classes under it.

Besides, there are many other options as well. For complete in-depth information, consult an Australia immigration consultant.

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