Australia Immigration Becomes Easier For Disabled People, Claim Reports

Certain new available reports reveal that Federal Government of Australia will now make Australian immigration restrictions—put on the individuals suffering from health issues & disabilities, who wish to immigrate to the country–much easier and hassle-free. In this connection, immigration minister reportedly disclosed that those, who are keen to shift to Down Under, will not just be evaluated on what load they may bring along with them, to put unwanted pressure on the nation’s system of healthcare. The likely economic & social benefits that such people could bring to the nation will be duly considered as well.

Time and again, the future immigrants suffering from disabilities have been refused for permanent residency—the reason being they are believed to be a BIG burden on the common tax payers of Australia. When such decisions are brought to the notice of the concerned organization, these are nearly always endorsed. As a final option, an appeal should then be filed before the Immigration Minister even as this could be a rather prolonged and costly procedure.

This is what precisely occurred with a person who happens to be a social worker and who is blind. She had proved herself as a contributor to the national economy, via her work. She allegedly observed that she would like to offer her congratulations to the Australian Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, and the administration for coming-up with the right decision, at last.

Decisions like these from the federal administration to amend the guidelines for the individuals suffering from disabilities have been made possible, via the efforts of the Australian Settlement Council as well. In the backdrop of the difference it will make to several families who have disabled members, many other concerned people have also hailed the proclaimed amendments to the system of process.

Several disability advocates have also praised Immigration Australia on the said pronouncement. One such person was quoted as saying that his organization has also lobbied hard for the administration to observe and take note of the contributions that the disabled individuals make to the national economy. Meanwhile, yet another involved person was quoted as saying that he is not pleased with the hypothesis that individuals with disabilities are just be keen to ask for health care assistance from the government.

Immigration to Down Under is now turning-out to be comparatively less biased against those people, who make efforts to gain admission into the nation with a physical disability.

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