Australia Involves Israel, Latvia for Mutual Agreements on Work & Holiday Permits

Canberra seems to be putting out all stops to become the leading world destination for immigration purposes even as it is aggressively chalking-out new strategies to involve as many top countries as possible, and devising as many visa categories as  possible, to achieve its target.

Through some reliable sources, it has been learned that Australia is busy engaging the nations of Israel, the Slovak Republic, Latvia, etc., with a view to set-up mutual arrangements for work & holiday permits. Chris Bowen, the minister for citizenship & immigration, apparently said that these joint associations, including immigration permits, will prove highly useful, and be of much help to not only the Kangaroo Land but other involved countries as well.

He added that the beginning of discussions for the fresh work & holiday agreements understands the importance of the fast developing bilateral relationships of the Kangaroo Land with the mentioned nations even as it would suitably improve direct & cultural contacts amongst the involved countries. It needs to be mentioned here that under the given system, the young nationals of Down Under—along with the citizens of the associate nations, from 18 to 30 years–may draw benefits from a prolonged holiday in the associate nation.

Further, the citizens of the concerned countries would have the right to live in Australia or in the guest nation for a maximum of one year, and also engage in short-term work, and/or restricted study for a section of the given time-frame. Still, certain restrictions on the total number of Work & Holiday permits to be made available per annum do exist for a sizeable section of the nations.

The Australian minister continued that the process of settling the work and holiday pacts–which should be shared and satisfying to the involved associate administrations—may take some time to duly finalize and put into practice. He added that it is essential to make certain that every primary partner is duly consulted and engaged in before the required administrative procedures are suitably allowed to materialize.

The working holiday permit of Australia is different from the nation’s work & holiday visa—the reason being the latter necessitates that the candidate has successfully pursued and been through the higher education classes or is in the mid of one, and that he has working knowledge the English language. Argentina, Bangladesh, etc., are some of the other countries with which Down Under boasts of such a compulsory mutual association.

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