Australia Immigration Criteria

Australia Immigration Criteria are comprehensively linked to each specific class of visa that you file for. In general these parameters can be broadly categorized into basic specifications and class centric specifications.

As far as the general specifications go, these must be met by any migrant entering the country on basis of temporary or permanent arrangement i.e.

  • You and your accompanying spouse and dependents satisfy authorities that the health of travelers is at par with the health standards defined by the authorities
  • You and your accompanying spouse and dependents must have a clean character back ground and must never have been refused entry into Australian shores
  • You must substantiate your financial credentials deemed to be appropriate for your survival in the country during the transition phase (in case of permanent visa) or through the length of your stay in the country (in case of temporary arrangement)

These general parameters hold true for all classes i.e. whether you are traveling down under as a tourist or as prospective resident of the country under skills or business migration.

Class centric Australia Immigration Criteria are also furthered into the overall and specific trade parameters. Overall parameters are the general desired conditions which must be met by an applicant to be deemed qualified for migration under skills or business migration.

The overall specifications are influenced by various factors that help assess compatibility of a migrant into the local environment, domestic labor pool or local business environment. In these specifications various factors are evaluated to assess the suitability of migrants such as.

  • Age – you need to be within the indicated age definitions. People in desired age groups get a preference in the critical profile analysis and older people are discouraged by being excluded from point allocation table
  • English language skills – must have linguistic skills at par with predefined standards. This has been defined to ensure entry of people with compatible language skills
  • Academic qualifications – evidence your education. Education is an essential area of your profile
  • Employment exposure – substantiates your work experience

Besides the overall parameters there are certain critical trade specific minimum benchmarks which are defined along with the trade definitions in the required trade tabulations – SOL. To qualify and be able to link a trade you must meet all minimum benchmarks listed with the trade code.

These benchmark descriptors are critical essentials of Australia Immigration Criteria which form basis of your request for migration down under.

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