Canada Immigration to Bring-in Web-based EOI Structure for Migrants

Come 2014 and the latest web-based arrangement of expression interest–for Canada immigration purposes–will become functional. This has been proclaimed by the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). Allegedly, the same will be a wonderful & useful path for the invite for the overseas people to come-up with an announcement on their expertise and qualifications even as it will be duly saved on the database of national administration.

And efforts would be to recruit the workers who may do a job–on a permanent basis–for Canadian recruiters/firms, and, consecutively, the nation. The latest arrangement of submission for the migrants will connect them to the Canadian recruiters in a quicker & superior manner.

Program Characteristics

The scheme is a result of the sustained efforts made over the duration of 5 years. It has been suitably developed to invite and make things much simpler & easier for the economic migrants, who will get a stage to publicize their expertise/qualifications, so that the Canadian recruiters/companies may easily find them. In this connection, the nation’s immigration minister has reportedly proclaimed that the immigrant candidates may go into this bank only to enable the Canadian recruiters/firms and/or the department or provinces to use that bank later.

Arrangement advantages

The said scheme is a podium, which will bring the two critical components of market system–supply & demand—together for the benefit of the workers and the recruiters/employers. The said structure is rather a dynamic one—the reason being the candidates may publicize/promote their expertise and experiences the way they like. In addition, the recruiters/companies may look for a worker as per as their specific needs & requirements.

In the changed scenario, a candidate cannot file a visa-petition for the status of permanent residency. In its place, he will have no options, except to cool his heels for an invite arriving from the authorized source in the Maple Country. Recruiters/firms & provinces have been duly requested to select the workers from this site, so that the given program may prove effectively for both the involved parties–the migrants & the country.

How Canada gains economically!

The firms/recruiters–who had to depend upon temporary manpower for meeting their skill requirements–will now be in a position to permanently recruit those trained employees. Although it will not offer much security to the national industry, it will nonetheless offer the much-needed economic power & security to the nation.

In view of the Maple Country’s fast-aging populace, apparently such an arrangement is highly required. However, some observers opine that such qualified & trained overseas people ought to stay in Canada for an extended duration. Only in such a scenario, their contributions prove decisive, and in the overall interests of the national economy.

What requirements candidates have to fulfill!

It will be mandatory for an aspirant to accordingly mention his vocation/line of work, employment experience, education & evidence of language skills whilst preparing the submission even as his educational qualifications will be accordingly weighed-up against the existing national (Canadian) standards.

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